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Merri Ellen writes:

There are a few reasons for Christmas depression counseling and if you’re finding yourself there, you’re not alone… Distress centers and crisis workers confirm that there is an increase in both the numbers and severity of calls by depressed people during the Christmas season.

There are a few reasons for this...

1. Too Many Sweet Carbs

I remember last Christmas, I started to feel those depression symptoms coming back. We were going to Christmas parties and getting Christmas cards from family and friends but I felt horrible. I was blah and didn’t feel like doing much. Maybe you get like this at Christmas too.

For me it had tons do to with all those sweet carbohydrate treats I was eating… sugar highs and crashes, cookies galore, chocolates everywhere… Sweet at first but killer in the end. Too much of a good thing is too much and your body shuts down. That’s one reason.

So, this Christmas I’m going to lay off on the treats. When I go to a Christmas party, I’m laying off the dairy and carbs and eating more protein and veggies first. Then, after I’ve had my fill of veggies, I’ll go for a sweet. Funny thing happens. I am good after one or two but rarely more than that. I’ve had my fill and have emphasized on visiting with others and asking them about their lives. Food is good when there’s good company. Too many sweet foods and I’ll be back in Christmas depression.

2. Christmas Depression Due to Loss

I know for many of you, depression sets in because of loss and Christmas may only emphasize a pain or lonely feeling you have as a result of losing family or friends. What do you do when this happens?

Here are a few ideas…

-If you need a listening ear, take advantage of the comfortable online counseling you can do through our website. Click here to learn how you can chat for free to start.

-Get out a notebook and start listing all the good things in your life. You’ll soon realize there are good things to be thankful for.

-If you are alone or far away from family and friends, then join a local volunteer group that brings holiday cheers to others. You will help yourself and others this way.

-Another great idea, is to reach out to the friends you do have. Look for others around you, who may have gone through some difficult changes in the past year and, in the true spirit of Christmas, invite them to celebrate with you.

-If depression comes, surround yourself with positive people who make you feel hopeful and give you encouragement.

For many, the celebration of Christmas has grown far from its original meaning of hope, peace and joy, goodwill to men. Instead it’s turned into greed and overspending on ourselves.

-Beat depression at Christmas with life changing gifts! Not sure about you, but Christmas in my country usually involves a lot of baked goodies, turkey and all the fixings. We feast together with family and friends and then make New Year’s Resolutions to lose the weight we gained. How ironic that in other parts of the world a child dies every minute from starvation. Now that’s Christmas depression.

Here’s an idea to consider this Christmas, why not make a donation in someone’s honour to a charities gift catalogue? Simply give a donation to their mission then give a card to your loved one to let them know that in their honour, you have made a contribution for a family to have education, health care, or agriculture to provide financial income.

Type into Google “World Vision” or “Food for the Hungry”. These are great ways to reach out of your Christmas Depression and give hope to those who may also be feeling hopeless. Say ‘no’ to your Christmas depression and spread a little good cheer.

3. Not Enough Sunlight

The third reason is often due to the winter season and seasonal effective disorder sets in. To combat this, consider a light therapy box which I love to use in my winter rainy season on the West Coast.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen

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