"Sleep Easily Without Medication"

(A personal review by Merri Ellen Giesbrecht

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Richard Shane

Finally, you can sleep easily! Perhaps you are like Richard Shane who found himself suffering from insomnia because of a life crisis. He found his sleep patterns completely off and was sleeping only 3 hours a night. Frustrated, he started reading books on how to get a good night sleep. Unfortunately, nothing worked and the harder he tried to fall asleep, the worse his insomnia became.

Carefully, after many sleepless nights, Richard soon discovered a way to train his body into a sleep mode with special breathing and relaxing exercises. He learned how to quiet his anxious mind and body so that he could once again get a good night’s sleep!

Richard Shane has since become a sleep specialist (also now known as Dr. Richard Shane). He is a psychotherapist that has been referred to by over 90 physicians and psychologists. His techniques have successfully changed the lives of insomnia sufferers around the world.

"How did my life change using his techniques?"

Just recently I was asked to go through Dr. Shane’s techniques and critique his program. I was intrigued because one of our 6 essential ingredients to curing depression is getting a good night sleep. So, I said I’d love to try it! I also asked for a few of his patient’s testimonials in order to hear how others have been impacted by his techniques.

A few days later I got his package in the mail and it came with 4 CDs, a set of ear plugs, a little booklet and a couple of reminder cards and stickers. He also included eleven pages of testimonials from his patients as well as from hospital directors, neurologists, doctors and therapists!

sleep easily packet

I started off listening to the first CD which coached me on the techniques of relaxing my body. I was glad to hear that it wasn’t weird and hokey. His techniques totally made sense! He simply was teaching me how to get my body into the breathing that happens when I am asleep. I’m embarrassed to say that thanks to his calming and soothing voice, I didn’t even get to the ‘falling asleep CD’ and I fell asleep!

The next night, I listened to his ‘falling asleep CD’ entitled ‘The Sleep Breath’ with his voice guided procedure which is meant to be listened to while falling asleep. My husband came to bed an hour later and found me passed out with my headphones in - still listening to the CD.

"My big test- a verge of mental breakdown…"

A few weeks later I was in charge of a big family event in our community. It was the night before and I was so stressed out and anxious about it. Everything was going wrong at the last minute. Volunteers were calling in sick, materials were going missing and I kept thinking of little details that weren’t yet ready and began to panic. My husband was snoring away which made things worse trying to fall asleep! I was so frustrated that he was fast asleep and snoring away while I was staring at the ceiling.

Then I remembered Dr. Shane’s Sleep Easily Method CD. I popped in the ‘Sleep Breath’ CD and within minutes I was able to walk through his techniques, relax my body, relax my mind and fall asleep! The next morning I was rested and the event turned out to be a success! I smiled remembering that it was Dr. Shane’s methods that saved me from mental burnout the night before.

I never thought that his methods would become a complete life saver for me. I thought I’d simply listen to them and give my opinion. Now I’m a real life success story and am glad for his techniques! If you suffer from insomnia, I encourage you to give it a try. I haven’t even made it to his last 2 CDs yet!

"Why and how does Sleep Easily work?"

Dr. Shane easily explains how the steps of relaxing your tongue, jaw, throat, breath (chest-lungs), heart and abdomen is a mental “step ladder” that brings peace into your mind and then into your body helping you relax and fall asleep.

You learn how to breathe the sleep breath, the way you breathe when you are deeply asleep, which is very different from relaxation breathing. Your body relaxes by itself, your mind becomes quiet by itself, and you ease your body and mind into sleep.

For the scientists…

By changing brain wave activity from beta waves (waking) to alpha waves (relaxation and light sleep) and quieting thoughts, this leads to theta and delta brain waves (deeper sleep).

For the rest of us…

Sleep Easily helps your heart beat more slowly, decreasing your blood pressure as well as the force of your heartbeat which helps for a smooth entrance into sleep!

So, relax! Now you can get started towards a good night’s sleep and master one of the techniques of beating depression thanks to Dr. Shane’s natural techniques without the use of drugs.

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