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updates, Issue #016->Moving Beyond Depression Ė Dr. Gregory L. Jantz, PH.D.
March 31, 2007

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Last weekend (March 23-25) I got an opportunity to meet the author of "Moving Beyond Depression" who is also the founder and director of a leading mental health and chemical dependency treatment facility with three clinics in the Seattle, Washington area. Honestly, I hadnít heard of the book or him before. Despite the fact that heís been on Dr. Phil and a bunch of other talk shows. I simply missed the news!

AnywayÖ I got to sit in on 3 of his public sessions and talk with him personally after each one. He gave me a copy of his book to read after I told him about this website I have done up and my own story of depression.

So, Iím reading it and Iím enjoying it. Iíll be sharing a few little tidbits and quotes from it from time to time in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can learn more about his book on Amazon and read reviews. Again it is entitled, "Moving Beyond Depression"

Real life stories from his clinics!

Dr. Jantz shares stories of people like you and me who have come to his clinics with depression and he shares how they recovered. So far, Iíve read about Robert who was a business man and struggled with depression when he got a promotion and was overcome with fear of not measuring up, Cathy who was also an alcoholic, Carol who was a single mom wrestling with a controlling ex-husband who used the paying of child support as a manipulating factor in their Ďrelationshipí. Dr. Jantz also shares about a POW survivor who overcame the tragedy and overcame depression!

Iíve especially enjoyed Dr. Jantzís tips on writing through your depression. If youíve read our 6 Steps Report, you know I am a believer in journaling. He uses this through out his book with specific exercises you can do. So far, "Moving Beyond Depression" is a good book! And Iím only in Chapter 2!

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen,

Editor of

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