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updates, Issue #006->50% of Depression Sufferers Complain of these Physical Symptoms of Depression
January 25, 2007

Thanks again for subscribing to our 'Cure Your Depression' newsletter which is filled with our ongoing research and inspiration tidbits!

We've got a new logo! So, don't be confused. We are the same website with the same mission, just a nicer logo. :) We've added the subtitles: 'offering hope when hope is gone' and 'one woman's vision to change her world'. Hope you like the change. (By the way, in one year we've had over 530 online readers contact us for help. According to your feedback, our site is making a difference!)

We've also added a new article and a new audio feature by our online counselor Dave.

Our new article is entitled, "50% of Depression Sufferers Complain of these Physical Symptoms of Depression." You will learn how depression affects more than our mind - it can also affect our bodies. Learn if you suffer from physical depression symptoms and what to do.

In addition, Counselor Dave speaks on his Best Natural Depression Remedy. You will be surprised to learn what it is.

Below is the link to our new updates page (also our blog) where you can gain access to the new article and audio.

Learn the best natural remedy and about the depression symptoms that often go undiagnosed...

To your health!

Merri Ellen, Editor of

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