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updates, Issue #015->Play-Doh and Depression?
March 30, 2007

depression free merri ellen From: Merri Ellen

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There is hope! You are worth it!

Play-Doh and Depression?

(Credit to James Penner for this illustration).

In 1956 a new type of “modeling clay” for children was invented and began popping up in schools and stores everywhere. In 1965, U.S. Patent No. 3,167,440 was granted to Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker for a “plastic modeling composition”, (which was originally intended to be a wallpaper cleaner) now called Play-Doh. Little did they know that they had created the substance of childhood memories as well as many a childhood meal, unfortunately. (Source:

So, why am I telling you about Play-Doh?

If you’ve read our free 6 Steps Report, you are already aware of the power of our thoughts. So you will understand when I say…

Our thoughts, attitudes and dispositions can be molded and shaped like Play-Doh. And if our thoughts and attitudes which can feed into depression can be molded like Play-Doh – there is hope!

What is so powerful to mold our thoughts and attitudes away from depression?


Kindness changes our thoughts and softens our hearts.

Kindness moves discontent in relationships to togetherness and harmony. It softens bitterness and weakens negativity and disarms anger.

Kindness not only powerfully affects those who receive it but also those who give it.

“An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.” - Proverb

So often depression is linked to self-hatred. But, if you are depressed and you reach outside of yourself to do something kind for someone, you release endorphins which affects your mental health for better!

“A kind man benefits himself but a cruel man brings trouble on himself.” – Proverb

What is kindness? It’s a smile, a wave, a helping hand or a gentle hand on the shoulder.

The opposite of condemnation is kindness. Stop condemning yourself and be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself can start with being kind to others! Kindness gives us energy and life. It’s simple but not easy. Kindness when we’re mistreated and tired is a challenge.

Be kind and compassionate to each other. That is the key to changing your own life at home. And the lifestyle of kindness in the home has the potential to change an entire society. It floods over next door to your neighbor, your work place and on and on.

When you get dressed in the morning. Get dressed in kindness and compassion. When you go about your day living in kindness, your depression begins to lift. Your thoughts begin to mold like Play-Doh and a lump of nothing can turn into something enjoyable like a flower, a puppy, a snowman or a little girl.

There is hope! Use kindness to lift your depression.

Read again our free 6 Steps Report.

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To your health!


Merri Ellen, Your Friendly Editor and Researcher depression free merri

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