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October 16, 2009


From: Merri Ellen Giesbrecht, Author of ‘The Simple Truth on Curing Depression: 6 Powerful Ingredients’

This week...

Another Depression Success Story!

I just had someone post this comment on our site...

"What a wonderful site this is! I just had one thing to add on thyroid. One of the most common markers of hypothyroidism is low body temp. If a person is running in the 96s, for example, which I was, this is a very strong indicator. If that is the case, you should ask your doctor to run a thyroid test, which includes both T3 and T4. In my case, I was started on synthroid, and my tests now come back normal, and my body temp raised two degrees, to 98.4. BUT, I remained symptomatic for depression. After many, many antidepressants failed, I read Merri Ellen's site and tried tyrosine 500 mg, two in the a.m. and one in the afternoon. I discovered that the tyrosine has to be taken with a multivitamin/mineral supplement to work. I also take vitamin c, niacin, and folic acid,which I cannot prove yet is essential, though I read they are related. I am completely symptom-free from depression, after 10 years of severe depression and a lifetime of mild to moderate depression. I am on no antidepressants. There is hope. Don't give up until you are essentially symptom free!"

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There is hope! You are worth it :)


Merri Ellen

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