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May 22, 2007

From: Merri Ellen

Thanks again for subscribing to our 'Cure Your Depression' newsletter where I share with you the ongoing depression cure research and some inspirational tidbits to help you along to recovery and joy!

After you read this week's article, I want you to feel a sense of renewed hope - hope that there is a way out and THERE IS someone who knows how to help!

This week...

1. Your relationships can cause your depression.

2. What you can do about it.

You probably can relate to this...

Your friends and family and perhaps co-workers are bringing you down. The dysfunction you experience in your relationships is causing your depression.

However, you may not know...

Your depression recovery doesn’t have to depend on your family and friends or co-workers too.

"Family cannot be blamed for depression. Family may be a factor, but you are responsible for your own recovery." – Dr. Gregg L. Jantz, author of ”Moving Beyond Depression”.

Your depression may be brought on by the relationships you have - with the family you had as a child, your adult family, good friends, casual acquaintances, business associates and coworkers.

In my own life…

Dealing with this reality can be very painful. I know. I’ve been there too. My depression was brought on by disloyal coworkers and a close friend who was a queen of manipulation. If you didn’t want to do something; no matter. She knew how to get you to do what she wanted. Looking back, the power she had on me and others was scary. She’d tell you her sad story and break your heart. Soon you’d be sacrificing your family and responsibilities to come to her aid. Boy was I stupid!

My coworkers and employer promised me the world and then one day, they told me they were letting me go. I couldn’t believe it! My world was rocked to say the least. The life I knew and loved was stripped away from me. Soon, I became a shell of a woman and my heart was deflated and trampled on.

Going through counseling to talk through this and recognize this was an absolute necessity! Then after recognizing what or who caused my depression, my counselor helped me to see what I needed to do to overcome my depression.

Now, that I look back, my depression experience has made me a stronger person and more compassionate to others around me who suffer too. I am also smarter in my relationships and know when to say ‘no’ to those who seek to hurt me or manipulate me. No thanks. I know where I’ve been and I now know where I’m going. Freedom!

Now it’s your turn!

Do you want to stop this pain you are suffering? Of course!

You too may be suffering from damaged emotions and damaged relationships. Perhaps you are suffering from verbal or even physical abuse from your spouse, your parents, or boss, or co-workers. Perhaps you are easily manipulated by so-called friends who simply want to make themselves happy and are hurting you in the process. They’re not about you – they’re about themselves and as a result – you are hurting.

If you are ready to stop suffering from depression, take action with the help below.

You may remember me introducing Dave Turo-Shields in the past who works with his staff with people like me and you - struggling with depression. He successfully counsels others to beat their depression. He is so confident in his methods that he offers a strong 100% G.uarantee. If you aren't satisfied with the results, you can get your money back - no q.uestions asked.

Here’s what some of his clients are saying…

"Dave, I just have to tell you that I have received more useful information in this one session than all the previous sessions I've been in with other therapists and a life coach. I just want to say thank you. You've not only helped me have hope, but I actually feel my work will move along much more quickly than I had anticipated." - Meg C

"Even though unconditional love should be part of all our significant relationships it isn't necessarily so. What I always look forward to when I work with you is complete acceptance. With this kind of support I've made great progress in my life and in my most important relationships.”- Megan S

"I had a lot of doubt when I first started. I had been to other therapists without much progress. I was up front with my concerns about therapy, and you welcomed me in a wonderfully affirming manner. I'm very grateful that I had the courage to reach out again. This time it's really working. Part of it is the excellent help you provide. And I also feel more empowered than I have for a very long time to take action which is making my life better. Thank you so much." - Tim F

Are you beginning to see that you can easily feel the same hope?

Dave shares in a CLEAR and CONCISE fashion, what it takes for you to beat your depression.

If you truly want to experience joy again and want to wake up each morning excited about life, then send Dave and his team an email asking for more info. There’s nothing to lose and only everything to gain.

GET A FR.EE COPY of the tips he shares with his clients in his Depression Recovery Workbook.

And you will start to feel better and better about your life and how to successfully deal with your family and friends and co-workers that are preventing you from taking control of defeating your depression.

If you send him an email today and you decide to allow one of his counselors to come alongside you to beat your depression, he’ll give you a copy of his Depression Recovery Workbook which he sells for $29.97 US on his website.

He offers counseling on the phone, through email or through Skype!

Your joy is worth it! You are worth it!


Merri Ellen Giesbrecht

P.S. Remember, if you are hurting: Dave’s team can help you. Asking for more info doesn’t cost you a cent.

If you can talk and listen, then you can beat depression.

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