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women, come join us!
February 21, 2022


From: Merri Ellen, Author of 'The Simple Truth on Curing Depression: 6 Powerful Ingredients'

Hello! :)

If this relates to you, please come join me…!

This is very personal to me as my own life story is literally ‘coming from ashes to beauty’ having been suicidal in 2001/02, then coming out of depression and starting to share my story in 2003 to spread hope.

Starting Feb 28th, I’m doing an event for women who are hungry to learn more about the power, love and healing of Jesus who led me to find the research and find complete healing from depression since 2003, now helping over 2 million people in over 120 countries.

Here’s what I'm doing starting next week: 
5 Days for Women: Ashes to Beauty

If you are a woman of faith or hungry to discover hope, please join us and share with your friends!

Cost is: $27

There is hope! You are worth it.


Merri Ellen :)

Join us! 
5 Days for Women - From Ashes to Beauty


These days I have been meeting with clients (1 on 1 / and in small groups) as I am a certified Life Coach & Spiritual Director. I jumped into it with both feet and am blown away by the life changes in my clients. More about my coaching or visit:

6 Powerful Steps to Cure Your Depression E-course

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