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April 11, 2008


From: Merri Ellen

For You! Ongoing depression cure research and some inspirational tidbits to help you along to recovery and joy!

This week...

"How Your Words Can Beat Depression"

In step 4 of our report, we share how powerful your self-talk is. It has been scientifically measured that what you say to yourself will determine how you live your life, and that even includes your mental health!

Make a list of the kinds of things you say to yourself. What kinds of things do you say out loud? What kinds of statements do you say in your thoughts?

You may say things such as...

I can't do this job, it's too hard.

I'm always late, that's just how I am. Better late than never.

I'm too shy to talk to him.

I'll never find a career I love.

I'll never fall in love.

You fill in the blank...

Now, take some time to write down some of the statements you WANT to start making about yourself. For example...

I don't like this job but if I take one step at a time, I can do it. All I need is some music or something to make it fun.

I've been late in the past, but I'm going to start planning ahead to be on time.

I may be nervous to talk to him but I'm going to. He's just a human like me.

The career I'd love to have is... So, I'm going to start research on how to get there!

I'm going to start reaching out and loving those around me and loving myself before I look to fall in love.

After you've written down your negative statements, turn them into positive ones!

After a week of saying the positive ones OUT LOUD, write me and tell me how this affected you.

Here I've compiled everything for you that worked for me and for thousands of others.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen

P.S. Do you have a question for me? If so, you can visit our blog or simply email me!

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