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Merri EllenFrom: Merri Ellen

This is your last issue of our FREE mini e-course!

I hope you have enjoyed our 6 Steps mini e-course and that it helped you kick start your road to joy in an easy way.

Yet, what you've just been working with is only a taste of what is to come...

Day 6’s powerful ingredient for curing your depression.

You are at Day 6!

Cure-your-depression step 6:

Today you will learn simple habits you can implement TONIGHT to cure your depression.

[Do NOT take this ingredient for granted even though it is simple to do.]

Proper Sleep Habits

One of the biggest risk factors for depression is sleep deprivation. If you don’t get enough sleep, you feed your depression. Therefore, in order to get the upper hand against your depression, be careful to implement proper sleep habits. You need to get 8 hours of sleep per night.


When I was going through my bout of depression, I was absolutely exhausted during the day and tossed and turned during the night. So, what if you CAN'T FALL SLEEP?


Here are 8 simple steps to a good night sleep:


1. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every night. Prepare yourself for bed by having a 30 minute “bedtime ritual”. Dim the lights, turn off the TV and computer, put on your PJs, and do a quiet activity like read. By cutting out any stressful, dutiful, or mentally stimulating activities, you can slow down your metabolic rate.

2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol for several hours before you plan to go to bed. Instead enjoy a hot cup of Chamomile Tea or steamed milk! (Visit our herbs for depression for more info on calming herbs for depression including Green Tea.) Warm milk contains tryptophan, (see 5 HTP under natural cures for depression) which can help relax the nervous system and induce drowsiness.


Doctor and author James LaValle talks about his favourite natural sleep supplements such as 5 htp, relora, and melatonin in this video...

3. Avoid a large evening meal, especially if consumed within four hours of bedtime. Bulky meals may lead to abdominal discomfort, nausea, or heartburn which disrupt sleep. Think about it - your body is working to digest this food and so your metabolism is up and so are you - up and awake!

4. Avoid vigorous physical activity and exercise for four hours before bedtime. Exercise is an excellent weapon against depression but just choose to do it earlier in the day!


5. Make sure your sleeping position or posture is comfortable and provides enough support, especially for the low back.


6. Avoid using your bed for activities other than sleep like watching TV, to maintain an association between getting into bed and sleeping.


7. Quiet slow paced simplistic music can also help induce sleep. Audio music products are available on the market that are designed to help fulfill this function. For example, Amazon sells a popular Nature Sounds Clock Radio

Remember if altering a person’s behaviour will produce the same beneficial brain changes that can come from medication—without the risks and side effects—then the advantages are obvious.

There is hope! Good for you for making the effort to improve your mental health!

One woman writes...

“I just want to thank you. These tips have really changed my life in less than a month. I honestly believe that God has brought this website over my path for recovery. The work you done is wonderful and a true inspiration. If I think where I was a few weeks back, I can't believe I am out of that hole. God will bless you for this wonderful work you are doing. You have inspired me so. Thanks again.” - Ada.

BONUS - Overview Video ($20 Value)

Sometimes you need a face and a smile to get you motivated to begin this powerful life changing step by step plan! Truly, this video I did up for you is a boost! The video is to inspire you and to give you a visual of what it all looks like to implement each ingredient!

How Will The Handbook & Tools Benefit You?

Sometimes you just need a 'coach' to walk you through everything. Plus, simply take this research to your doctor and use it as a resource tool to ask her the tough questions. That's what I did! I took this info and showed it to my doctor. Then with his permission, he guided me through it and it worked! This is yours to enjoy and to use as your motivator each day when you log on to your computer. Simply save it to your desk top! Because it's instantly downloadable you don't have to waste precious time waiting for it in the mail.

Learn more about our downloadable handbook here with bonus videos and step by step guidelines to encourage you.

It's our privilege!

We are grateful for the opportunity to share with others what has worked in our own lives to cure our depression.

To your freedom and to your joy!

Merri Ellen
Your Friendly Editor and 'Coach'


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