Request Personal Spiritual Life Coaching with Merri Ellen Giesbrecht
Certified Christian Life Coach
& Spiritual Director

You are stuck.

You need a Spiritual Life Coach to guide you.

(Often called a Spiritual Director or Christian Life Coach.)

You need help to move forward.

I'm happy to help.

My methods are unique in spiritual nature. Time and time again, I have found that you can apply all the scientific research and do all the right things, but in the end, if you don't have a true connection with the Joy Giver, you often continue to feel hopeless. You need to understand your purpose.

You may have gone through tremendous pain, grief, abandonment, betrayal... and desire to know that there is indeed someone who cares and is always faithful.

Please note: You may not consider yourself a Christian, have no understanding of who Jesus is, or have been wounded by a self-proclaimed Christian person or organization (who's life speaks a much different story - one of control, manipulation, deceit, jealousy, etc). If this describes you, I would be honoured to meet with you. I specialize in leading people both who have never encountered Jesus or who deeply require healing of spiritual abuse.

As Your Spiritual Life Coach...

I don't simply lead people out of depression but INTO friendship with the Joy Giver. Joy is the result of our relational connection with the Joy Giver. 

For my own journey beating depression, this is the major piece that has made ALL the difference. It was my Divine encounter with Jesus that first gave me the hope to move forward. He directed me to the research that changed my life. It's my ongoing relationship with Him walking in His Holy Spirit that empowers me to walk others into joy!

“The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10).

I coach people all over the world via phone or video from the comfort of your home.

This often includes dismantling spiritual strongholds and oppression, recovering from spiritual abuse, facilitating trauma and grief recovery, walking tenderly through forgiveness, exploring dreams, assessing gifts, talents and callings, healing damaged emotions, exchanging limiting lies for empowering truth. 

Walking in the truth truly does set you free!

I'd be honoured to help you move forward too.

Learn more and request a free download exercise to show you a glimpse of what could happen in our sessions together (opens in new site)...

My clients' success stories are incredible and beautiful because of the unique way we work together being led by God's Spirit freely given to us because of Jesus' unfailing love. He promises that when we seek Him, we find Him.

I have seen people's lives transformed in incredible ways. Here are some stories...(opens in new site)

There is hope!

You are worth it!

- Merri Ellen :)
Certified Christian Life Coach & Spiritual Director

Thanks in advance for reaching out. 
I look forward to hearing from you.

- Merri Ellen :)

Your Spiritual Life Coach

Merri Ellen also partners her spiritual life coaching with other ministries and organizations providing retreats and workshops.

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One Woman's Cure Depression Story and Research Findings That Is Changing Lives in Over 120 Countries To Date.

What people are saying about the cure your depression research... 

“Your web site is absolutely fantastic! We will refer all of our clients to your web site.” –Anthony, Director of Mental Imaging Clinic, Las Vegas

"Hello Merri Ellen I am a therapist who runs out patient programs for people with mental health issues. One of my clients alerted me to your depression site today and I am impressed by both your energy and your generous contribution to others suffering with illness. Thank you. I have just completed reading through your info. Found it to be a wonderfully informative resource and will not have any problem in passing on your website address to some of my clients. The greatest value is in the fact that you have been a consumer and have a very different understanding than others may have. This allows you to be heard a little more readily sometimes. I thank you for your courage and wish you good health always. Regards" - Sue 

"I was on Wellbutrin and Prozac until using your techniques… I haven’t felt so good for so many consecutive days in 20 years... Thank you for your website and your incredible tips!!!" - Robyn, former depression sufferer

"Thank you so much for all the articles I receive in my e-mails. They have helped me alot. I have suffered with depression several years, and right now I am not taking any medication at all." - Mary, former depression sufferer

"I was telling [my husband] that last year at this time I was having anxiety and depression and was wanting to die, and now (one year later) I literally have waves of excitement and happiness. It's hard to describe, but I am really happy right now… Life is good. I cannot complain. I am healed!!!!! - Gloria, former depression sufferer

"I can only explain my gratitude by saying God must have brought you my way. I was just on the verge of requesting anti-depressants from my Dr. the day that I found your website. In the most natural, helpful fashion your research, the way you've set up the e-course, all of it just fed me with the step by step solutions I had been longing for for months. I will always read your work, updates you provide, your service is priceless. Thank you, your work is such a blessing!" - Alysha, on the journey

"I am 63 years old. Went through severe depression about 5 years ago. If I had ended it all, I wouldn’t have the joy in knowing my new grandchild. I followed the steps on this web sight and I’m certainly glad I did. I feel your pain, I hope you can find your way out. No one can do it for you. I’m off all medication and still experience sadness and disparities but those times do not last. I am cheering you on my peaceful home in Tulsa. Don’t forget to do your light therapy. Journaling helped me, Keep moving forward, you may find joy in your life next year." - Anonymous post in our Forum :)

"As a licensed clinical social worker and a woman with a life-time history of depression, I really commend you on the work you have done on this site." - Robyn, Social Worker

"I have been depressed for most of my life, have read many books and articles have taught others about depression, have taken various antidepressant medications. I have begun taking your advice on how to overcome depression for just over a week now.

I am encouraged at what i have read and i have put into practice what has been suggested. I have found that the research of Merri Ellen is very good, it is practical and makes common and medical sense. I fully agree that the medication is only part of the cure for depression, in that it takes away some of the worst symptoms of one's depression. The time to do something about one's depression is when the bad edge has been taken off. I have started the process you recommend and i am encouraged at my progress so far.

The big difference is that i have taken a decision to carefully put into practice what i have been told. So far so good and thank you for your advice. It has been a blessing to me." - Tony

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