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"6 Powerful Ingredients
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Intro and Ingredient Number 1!

From: Merri Ellen

Dear friend,

Thank you for requesting this free report on the essential ingredients I learned about after reading hours of research in the medical journals and then applied to my life to cure depression!

This free report shares with you -the goods on the truth about depression. It is extremely valuable information that I wish wasn’t so unknown in the mainstream world. I wish my doctor would have told me this a long time ago instead of just writing out a prescription for a drug that only made the problem worse. Now I'm sharing it with people like you who are sharing how their lives are being changed!

Do you long to be able to wake up and get out of bed looking forward to the day?

Do you long for worry and anxiety to be gone?

Do you long for the day when your tears will be replaced with laughter?

Do you long to be able to enjoy healthy relationships and friendships?

Do you long to be able to have the energy to find an enjoyable career?

Do you long for the day you can get rid of your antidepressants?

Do you long for the day when you can get excited about living again?


Here's some tough news but good news!

If you truly want to rid yourself of your depression, you have to make some changes.

You have to honestly apply this research to your life. You’ll have to make some necessary changes. But, if you want someone else to ‘fix’ your life – you’ll be looking for some miracle drug. However, antidepressants aren’t the complete fix. If they were, then so many people wouldn't be still taking them.

If you’re taking antidepressants now and aren’t seeing any results, you’ll know what I mean.

So, how badly do you want to feel better?

Read our report – yes - but set aside some hours this week to really CHEW on the research. Don’t treat this like easy reading material. This is something you need to work through.

You are a mountain climber!

There’s a big mountain in front of you – your depression. Are you going to let it defeat you? You could try to climb it with your flip flops but that would be ridiculous. I’m giving you the pack, the headlamp, the food rations, the ropes – everything. But you can’t just drop it all at your feet and expect to drift to the top! You’ve got to put that pack and gear on and you’ve got to put one foot in front of the other – sweating and working all the way.

Imagine reaching the top of the mountain – the fresh, pure air, the quiet, the view, the peace! Imagine the feeling of achieving such a feat! You did it! But, it took some sweat and constant moving forward and breathing hard.

That’s what I’m talking about. I realized that I had some hard work to do and once I put the research to practice and kept trudging forward with the tools I was given, I reached the peak of the mountain! It was hard work but it was worth it! Depression affects your mind. Your mind is an amazing creation that is connected to your body.

You cannot sit idly expecting your mind to get better without changing some habits with your body.

You must DO certain things
and PRACTICE certain life skills
to enjoy a healthy mind and life.

So, are you expecting a quick fix?

Then, forget reading this mini e-course!

Are you truly willing to make a difference in your life and move towards the light at the end of the tunnel?

If so, then read this report. Study it and APPLY IT. I am a former depression sufferer - I know what you're going through and want to share with you my research and hard work.

I want to make a dent on this disease and impact my world - your world.

There is hope! You are worth it!


First, some background on our valuable content...

These ingredients are based on research we found conducted by leading psychology departments throughout the world.

We applied it to our own lives and were ecstatic with the results. Many of us were on the verge of suicide and have come full circle to be able to live lives fully engaged in our loved ones, our work, our passions and our dreams and goals.

The material we want to share with you is easily worth hundreds of dollars of yearly costs of antidepressants and other medical expenses. But, we’re on a mission to tame this wild beast and are providing this report to you as a gift. Please carefully take in all we want to share with you and then consult your doctor with the research. You will be SO GLAD YOU DID!

At one point we suffered from stress, depression and anxiety. We constantly felt lonely, lost and helpless and wanting to stay in bed all day long. Our days were filled with tears and sadness. But today we are enjoying confidence, assurance, and calmness. We now share happiness with our friends and family.

Who are we?

I have banded together with a group of former depression sufferers – mothers, teens, college students, business professionals and even actors – who want to spread the good news of research that can also help you cure your depression – just like us!

You're about to learn how to get rid of stress, depression and anxiety from overpowering your life. The facts you need to know about these modern illnesses, along with the natural techniques you can use to conquer them, will be in your hands at the end of the next 6 lessons!

We’ve suffered, searched for a cure, found it and want to help others. Help yourself by taking these steps seriously. They are your steps to freedom.

This course contains ...

7 x Email 'Lessons', each one after Lesson 1 arrives every 3 days. They act as your personal coach during your journey. You don't need to do anything except wait – you'll automatically get each lesson.

If you have any problems with your course, please send an email to coursesupport@cure-your-depression.com describing your issue and we will resolve it for you as soon as possible.

Our Disclaimer

(Always talk to your doctor about our info.)

The information that we will be sharing with you over the course of the next few days is for informational purposes only, and is not to be regarded as a substitute for psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment. This information is not intended as treatment for major depressive disorder or for any other form of mental illness or medical illness.

Because we do not know your unique background and circumstances, the information may not prove applicable to your specific situation. We urge you, therefore, not to rely on the information displayed for treatment decisions without consulting a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist, other physician, or other health care professional.

The posting of information on our site by health care professionals does not in any way establish a professional relationship with any reader. If you are experiencing psychological distress or any form of mental illness, you would likely benefit from consultation with a qualified mental health professional. If you have a medical disorder, disease, or problem, we urge you to seek medical treatment.

If you are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else in any way, it is very important that you see a professional for help immediately.

We do not assume liability for errors or omissions related to information posted herein.

Okay, let's get started!...

Here is the first powerful ingredient that cured our depression.

Cure-your-depression step 1:

For some of you it is a bad word. I know it was for me when I suffered extreme depression…

Diet and Exercise : Simply What You Eat and What You Do!

**Now before you scoff and walk away ready to give up, stop and change your thinking and realize that this is GOOD NEWS!

You must honestly take a look at what you are consuming and doing or not doing with your body. This is a CRUCIAL step.

If you knew you could beat your depression by knowing the proper things to PUT INTO your body and DO WITH IT, wouldn't you be excited? This means if you change a few habits, you could literally wake up each morning EXCITED about life. Ok, if you're not yet excited, that's okay. Keep reading...

(Remember, I'm sharing with you what medical journals reveal plus what worked in my own life and in over a thousand of my readers' lives to date.)

Let's do this together!

"It’s been proven that what we eat affects our mood."

"Food can affect your mood, and what you choose to put into your mouth can influence your state of mind."- Amanda Geary, in her book The Food And Mood Handbook: Find Relief at Last From Depression, Anxiety, PMS, Cravings and Mood Swings

Go to the grocery store and you will see more and more processed foods with snazzy marketing telling you how good their product is – but is it healthy? To beat your depression, you must pay close attention to what you put in your mouth. There’s great temptation to eat comfort food – but that’s only making things worse.

It’s been proven...

-that if you do not get adequate nutrition- you are more likely to experience long-term depression, thoughts of suicide and even attempt suicide. (The Journal of Nutrition, April, 132(4): 719-25.)

-that a diet low in tryptophan causes depression. (Psychopharmacology. 155(2): 123-7.)

-that a diet low in polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins, folate, and vitamin B-12 is associated with depression. (The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 60(1): 135-43.)

What are you eating these days?

The first step is paying attention to your diet.

I'm not talking about a diet that you do to get rid of the last 10 pounds or more. I'm talking about your regular diet.

If you owned a Ferrari, wouldn't you put only the best oil and fuel in it? Not any used oil you found at the dump, either. It's the same with your body including your mind.

Your diet has a profound effect on your mental health.

Even a 'diet' slightly low in nutrients can cause depression in susceptible people. Dr. Pricilla, associate clinical professor at the University of California, prescribes nutritional therapy to build up your brain chemicals (such as serotonin and norepinephrine) that affect mood and are often lacking when you are depressed.

You ask, "What should I eat?"


Need a Vitamin Supplement?

If you need a recommendation on a vitamin supplement (which does not replace healthy eating, but like the name suggests, supplements your healthy eating), feel free to use what I use... Natures Answer Bio Strath. I started using it after seeing a difference it made in another family's child I know personally who was suffering with ADHD and anxiety. I'm afraid I don't have any medical research on this product. I simply use it because I've seen it work tremendously. In fact the child went from bouncing off the walls to engaging in a respectable conversation. Which meant celebration for his parents! :) I started using it myself and noticed a difference in my concentration. Please talk to your doctor about it after asking your health food store for a brochure on it. I simply chose to give it a try and I found that it worked.

Part 2 of The 6th Ingredient to Cure Your Depression...

Exercise: Just Moving Your Body!


"Did you know that exercise has a powerful role
in treating depression?"

Before you scoff and walk away... this is fabulous news! I'll show you how simply moving each day like walking will become your new 'drug' of choice and one you'll never want to give up! Depression isn’t a disease that’s just “in your head”. It comes as a result of the health or lack of health in your entire body!

You’ll be surprised to know that exercise has been proven just as effective for treating depression as antidepressants—and the side effects are far superior and long term!

A study authored by Dr. James Blumenthal—with 11 other PhDs—published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999, concluded exactly that. They said,

“Although antidepressants may facilitate a more rapid initial therapeutic response than exercise, after 16 weeks of treatment exercise was equally effective in reducing depression among patients with MDD [major depressive disorder].”

"Why is exercise so powerful to relieve depression?"

Basically, our nervous systems need to be functioning healthily in order to avoid illnesses such as depression as well as heart disease. If you suffer from depression, you could be more likely to suffer from heart disease and insulin resistance that could lead to diabetes.You may also be prone to suffer from anxiety. All of this is connected because of our nervous systems. So, here's the good news... A study published July 8, 2005, in The Archives of Internal Medicine, reported, “Depression is related to or may actually be associated with increases in abnormalities in the autonomic nervous system….”

"Why is this good news?"

This is good news... because exercise is MORE EFFECTIVE than anti-depressants because its cheaper and comes with better side effects!

There are no annoying side effects with exercise that normally occur from medications. The side effects of exercise are much more favourable – toned muscles, healthy heart, sexy abs, glowing skin, better nights sleep… Can’t say ‘no’ to that! ;) Exercise gives you a greater sense of mastery over your depression; increasing your self-confidence and your self-esteem. You’ll enjoy being in control of your health in this way. When I suffered from depression, I started to walk at least 15 minutes a day and boy what a difference even that little bit made! Then, once I was able to move beyond this, I added other exercise like lifting small weights, and playing Badminton weekly at the community adult drop-in centre. Now, I'm even playing Soccer in an adult league which is all about fun and not necessarily top performance. You'd laugh if you came to one of our games - and you'd say to yourself -"I can do this!"


Watch for the next ingredient in 3 days!

Here's a sneak peak...

"For 23 years, bipolar disorder wreaked havoc for one of Dr Andrew Stoll’s female patients, now a 45 year old woman who worked as a research scientist. Despite her expert knowledge of science and medicine, she was unable to find adequate treatment for her dangerous peaks of mania and dark valleys of depression. Medications dulled her and caused significant weight gain. As a result, she had trouble focusing on her work, enjoying life and relationships with friends. She was anxious for a cure and fascinated to hear of Dr. Andrew Stoll’s work in Boston, Massachusetts."

(Learn about this in 3 days in your next ingredient from our free e-course!)
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Some Readers' Experiences...

“I was on Wellbutrin and Prozac until using your techniques… I haven’t felt so good for so many consecutive days in 20 years... Thank you for your website and your incredible tips!!!”- Robyn

“Thank you so much... I have suffered with depression several years, and right now I am not taking any medication at all.” - Mary

"Hello Merri Ellen I am a therapist who runs out patient programs for people with mental health issues. One of my clients alerted me to your site today and I am impressed by both your energy and your generous contribution to others suffering with illness. Thank you" -Sue

To your freedom and to your joy!


Merri Ellen Giesbrecht

Your Friendly Editor of cure-your-depression.com

*If you were given this link via Twitter, Facebook or a friend, you can subscribe to the complete e-course here.

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Department Of Psychology, 426 Fraser Hall, 1415 Jayhawk Blvd., University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045-7556

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