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From: Merri Ellen

Wow, you are almost done learning about the powerful ingredients for curing your depression! Here is Day 5’s powerful ingredient...

Step 5: Social Support

You have probably noticed that as you get more depressed, you are less interested in hanging out with friends and family. But, the more you cut yourself off from others, the more depressed you become. It is a vicious cycle. What seems like a good coping strategy actually tends to feed or worsen your depression. It works like this...

… (it's a vicious cycle).

What's the solution?

Don’t wait until you feel like hanging out with loved ones.

Waiting actually makes it less likely that you will get better. And don't wait until you feel motivated – as you get better, you will regain a sense of motivation to be with others. Action starts first, motivation kicks in later.

Setting goals to increase your social activity level is a powerful method for managing depression. The aim is to gradually get yourself moving into social circles even though you might not feel like it. These are the steps to gradually reactivating your life...

You must try to spend time with others. This is a powerful way to distract yourself from negative thinking and get you the support you need.

  1. Invite people to do things.
  2. Keep in contact with people.
  3. Get out to a social group or class.

When you decide to hang out with friends and family...

  1. it will help you regain a sense of being connected to others
  2. it gives other people the chance to provide reassurance and support
  3. it takes you away from being alone and thinking depressing thoughts

Write down some of your own ideas of how to maintain involvement with family and friends. STOP, and take the time to do this...


-Think of someone in your life who is valuable to you.
Write them a note of thanks or give them a call. Don't do it to expect a good response, just do it for the sake of saying 'thanks'!

-Do you have negative relationships?
Ask yourself why they're negative. Have you done something to damage it? If so, take responsibility to repair it. If someone is hurting you, take care to get help and speak with a counselor about it. If you're in a negative friendship, perhaps you need to step back from it.

-Write down 3 or more positive friends in your life.
Plan to become a better friend to those people in your life who are positive and build you up. "Bad company corrupts good character", so stick with those who are good friends.

-You need someone to talk to! 
According to the medical journals, talking with a counselor is more effective than any anti depressant. (Think of it as renting a wise friend. Sometimes we simply have to do this.) The guidance of a good counselor was key for me in beating depression. So, find yourself a professional counselor to guide you through the road back to joy

If cost and travel is an issue for you, start with one of our recommended online certified counselors.

Some Readers' Experiences...

"I can only explain my gratitude by saying God must have brought you my way. I was just on the verge of requesting anti-depressants from my Dr. the day that I found your website In the most natural, helpful fashion your research, the way you've set up the e-course, all of it just fed me with the step by step solutions I had been longing for for months. I will always read your work, updates you provide, your service is priceless. Thank you, your work is such a blessing!" 4 days ago, I couldn't get out of bed. I was desperate. I miraculously came across www.cure-your-depression.com and signed up… The next day, I started to feel a little better… Yesterday, I was able to get up and stay up all day. That is a miracle…And I told my Mental Health Counselor about my last 4 days. I gave her a copy and explained my progress over the past 4 days. She perused it and said, "This is very good literature. These are very important steps to recovery". She even kept it…thank you so much. It’s working.

There is Hope for all of us, if we take the necessary first steps. It’s always that first step that is the hardest. But the reward on the other side of the spectrum awaits us all, and I want to get there desperately. Thanks again Merri Ellen! You are one magnanimous woman, an Angel I believe sent from Heaven Above!! I mean it. God Bless."- Eric

"Thank you for this site! I had been on most of the antidepressants over the past 30 years and had a severe reaction. I have been off meds now for 5 weeks. Am taking vitamins... along with some other ingredients, Omega-3 and a mixture of amino acids and trace elements. I also walk daily... I feel better now than I ever did on the meds. Take care, Anne"

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With the handbook, I share with you a few bonuses...

BONUS #1 - The 7th Ingredient ($20 Value)“There is a 7th ingredient that, according to some psychologists, actually accounts for 95% of depression cases...”

You will notice that this 6 step report has primarily to do with your physical and emotional health. These are the first two areas in our lives that if not properly taken care of, we easily succumb to depression.

There is a third part to the pie!

If we actually are implementing these 6 powerful ingredients in our lives and are still yet suffering from depression, we need to look beyond physical and emotional causes for depression…Learn about the 7th ingredient which, some psychologists say, if it is lacking - is the cause of 95% of depression cases!

BONUS #2- My 'Check My Thoughts At the Door' Checklist ($30 Value)

Some psychologists believe that 90% of depression is because of damaging mental training that was done when we were kids and have continued as we’ve grown up.

The key is to change that mental training into positive pictures and words. Do this and you will become a DIFFERENT person. It’s absolutely amazing.

Gaining knowledge about depression and how to treat it is only half the battle. The far greater challenge for most people (with beating depression AND just about anything else - even losing fat) is applying that knowledge and taking action. There is a big difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know.

You might think that you’re in total conscious control of your behaviours, but it’s really your SUB-conscious that controls your behaviour. If you know what to do, but you can’t seem to get yourself to do it, you’ve probably been giving negative orconflicting messages to your subconscious mind. The behaviours that are produced by subconscious conditioning are more commonly referred to as habits. Fortunately, you can re-program your subconscious mind with positive instructions and become a creature of positive habit, just as easily as you can become a victim of negative habits. It all begins with a conscious decision and written goals.

Goals are the bridges that span this gap. They slam the door on your depression.

I share with you some powerful steps which will help you never to slip back into that pit again!

There is hope! You are worth it!

To your freedom and to your joy!

Merri Ellen

Your Friendly Editor of cure-your-depression.com

Want to jump ahead or compile all this info in a handy guide?

Click Here To Get Your Copy Of The Simple Truth on Curing Depression Today and contribute to passing on this life-changing information to others! :)


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