9 Easy Tips to Being Happier

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Being sad and feeling depressed is in itself depressing. Sometimes you cannot help being
sad, but you should not let that feeling overpower you. You have to work on ways that will
make you feel happy—or at least a bit less sad—so that you can do the things you normally
do. How exactly can you do that?

1. Treat yourself to small rewards. Watch a movie or buy new shoes. Invest in your
own happiness. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much though, because that
could lead to even greater depression.
2. Be fit. Stay fit. One of the reasons people get depressed is because of their weight. If
you work towards maintaining a healthy body, that will be one thing off your mind.
3. Relax at the spa every weekend. Simply having a foot massage will already make
you feel less stressed, and with the alleviation of stress you should feel that looming
sadness lifted. Spend some time to pamper yourself so that you will not feel like you
are only working yourself off without any reward.
4. Catch up with friends. It’s good to talk with people you care about. No matter
how busy your schedule is, make time for friends. Talk to them, tell them what’s
bothering you and ask for some advice. Sharing the thing that makes you sad makes
you carry less of it.
5. Go on a vacation. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. Why not go back
to the province where you grew up and leave behind some of the stress you’ve been
feeling lately?
6. Eat chocolate. Chocolate is one of the go-to foods of those who feel depressed, and
it’s not just because it tastes good. It actually makes you feel happy. In case you’re
concerned of your health though, make sure that you choose dark chocolate over
others. More presence of dark chocolate is good for your health.
7. Detoxify. A cleaner colon will make you less irritable and moody. It would also make
you feel light and cheerful, so your depression will be lessened by a great deal. Make
it a habit to detoxify with the use of some helpful fruits and vegetables regularly.
8. Stay away from fast foods. These kinds of foods are unhealthy and contain huge
amounts of salt or sugar, which has addictive properties. Soon you will find yourself
craving for more and if that craving is not satisfied, you will feel depressed.
9. Laugh. They say “fake it until you make it”. Laugh, so that your body will think you
are happy, until eventually you feel lighter inside. This works for others, and there’s
nothing to lose in trying it, right?

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