Allergies and Depression

by Jude



Hi! I am a 41 yr. old woman with 40 airborne allergies and major clinical depression.
I never realized that there might be a correlation between the two.

Any suggestions for me would be much appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi Jude,

Thanks for your question. Yes, I've got a complete step by step plan in the first chapter of my book, but the basic outline is found on my allergy and depression page...

Start by looking at the list of most common allergies and eliminate them from your diet to see what happens (following the plan I outline with the approval of your doctor).

You could also ask your doctor to do some food allergy tests as well. Let him/her know that you may think your allergies and depression could be connected and you'd like to find out. If he/she looks at you cluelessly, ask to see a nutritionist or mental health specialist.

I hope this gives you some ideas and some hope! That would be awesome if you discovered that it's been your food allergies all these years causing your depression! Then you'd know which road to take for the next step!


Merri Ellen

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