anger depression and bipolar disorder.

by mick w

Ok here is some background I am 38 and suffered depression since about 15 at 18 i was a heavy drug user mainley marijuana and amphetamines but had tried most drugs by age of 23.

my diagnoses was at 18 schizophrenia and spent some time believing the diagnoses. at 28 i was diagnosed bipolar and received treatment for this for some years now

i have been drug and alcohol free. maybe 15 years no un-prescribed drugs and about 5 years alcohol free in these 15 years i have not had a manic or psychotic episode so maybe my illness was drug related. i have long since learned that psychiatry is mainly guesswork and no one fully understands brain chemistry.

i have tried perhaps as many as 30 different anti represents but have given up the search for an effective drug therapy. after all drugs are most likely what caused my problem. what works for me to some degree is exercise, good diet, vitamin and herbal supplements,(fish oil ,b complex zinc and ginseng) also setting and archiving life goals is good therapy.

however i still suffer from depression and have suicidal and homicidal thoughts i find that my anger is what drives me to go on and live another day so i am only ever not depressed when i am angry so i find my self constantly feeding this anger to the point where i am on the edge of total self destruction and homicidal rage.i have all most completed the e course and so far have not learned any thing new and most of the things i have all ready tried with little or no success .

What Next?


Hi Mick,

Thanks so much for sharing. Good for you for how far you have come! That's huge to be able to get off drug addiction! You're over half way there!

Who are you angry at and what about? Finding out the answer to this question can be the start to a completely different life - like you wouldn't believe! To get to the bottom of this, please take the time to speak with a counselor on this. Honestly, so many folks who've been angry at someone - once they discovered this and were able to deal properly with it- were depression free after 20 years!

You can also learn more about the steps to forgiveness by Allison Mupas, MFT here.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen

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Apr 26, 2009
by: mick w (again)

I will complete your e-corse then consider counseling thanks for the feedback (mw)

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