anni husband-he gives me joy and hope. he is very positive.

my mom-she is in the stage of alzheimers where she can not have a conversation.does not know our names,my husband and i. i don't know if she knows who we are.she has had this illness for 14 years and only my husband and i have ever cared for her.

the husband and wife that own the corner market. i do not know them very well they seem nice all the time but i can't say they bring any of these effects on me. NOTE i was diagnosed with depression long before mom took ill.

2.being a much better wife to my husband,take on some of the resposibilities myself,as in his buisiness,household chores and opening a non-profit organization to rescue abused and homeless animals and starting acompletely new buisiness with my husband that we both enjoy,perhaps in a different part of the country.above all just to feel joy.

3.crazy,but that is the question i ask mysef all the time.i just can't figure it out. brother. mom and brother. husband.

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