Answers to Questions

by Pam Borum

I don't see three people in a week since a separation and going through divorce, moving, quitting my job, giving myself time away from my mother so I can breathe, be myself, and do something for me for a change.
Very strange I am choosing to lay in bed I can tell you I can't answer most of these questions. I believe the realization of the depression has hit me.

I am going to try:
1. I see one person about every two weeks, my daughter and she is very uplifting.

2. I have no idea of anything I want to accomplish.

3. That I certainly can be self absorbed when alone in silence. I am probably co-dependent, finding my worth in others that I help or the ones I care about "What they think of me"

4. No one

5. I have plenty of reasons to be sad, but I can't express them very good. Missing people makes me sad. Seeing other pain through depression saddens me, but makes me feel better to connect to their words. My divorce saddens me since I invested all of me into making it work so we can keep getting old together. Missing my cat makes me sad.

6. My new little cat I adopted just today brings me joy.

7. I am awaiting my step three. I have changed my diet, walked outside a few days, started taking Omega 3's, and magnesium supplements. I try to remember to breath, and trying to retrain my sub conscience using affirmations that may not be truthful to how I feel now, but hopefully will given time. I can say I haven't felt this good in a long time. Tomorrow may be a new day and I don't know what I will be saying about it tomorrow night, but I am thankful for the help you have given me. Hope is what you are offering. Cure is what I will make of it.
Thank you Thank you Thank you, for sharing this information with the world. You are lovely.

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