by Elizabeth
(United kingdom)

An initial symptom of my depression which started nearly nine months ago was the loss of my appetite. I really had to force myself to eat with no enjoyment or particular interest in what it was. i have tried several antidepressants all of which seem to make this worse. Has anyone experienced this at all or for so long and is there anything i can take to improve it?


Hi Elizabeth, I had the same thing. Antidepressants made things worse for me and interestingly the word is out on them that they have scientifically been proven to make things worse. What did it for me was dealing with the underlying cause of the depression. It can be caused by anger and bitterness towards someone, it can be caused by a physical illness, it can be caused by a lack of proper amino acids, it can be caused by a death of a dream... the key is to dig deeper. Walk through our e-course to learn more. Sign up for it on the home page. There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen :)

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