As a woman thinkith...

by Pam Borum

Success! I have had some good days after not being able to get out of bed from the physical and emotional pain I have had for several months.

I worked these steps, researched all I can, put my toes to the floor each morning (sometimes not until afternoon), but I consider myself successful. This is one of the few good days I have had lately.

Sometimes, my mornings are ok, then I crash in the afternoons almost into the abyss and morbid depression, but not as low as I had been when it lasted months on end.

I still cry. I still have issues and thoughts that I am trying to clean up, but I see that I am heading in the right direction and it is all because of the hope I received on this web site. Hope is all you need. You will be the one to cure yourself if a cure is available.

I found this "As a man thinkith" free download. I tested it out for you to make sure at the end of saying no to all the prompts asking for money, I would actually get my e-book. I DID! Don't be afraid to try. They provide it in three formats, I downloaded the pdf. I read this book years ago, but it speaks to me much clearer now. Here is the link

This book a suggested reading on this sight.

If you are here because you are lonely and depressed, there may be a reason. Maybe God has a plan for you. If you do not believe in God, then it may just be the universe is asking you to make a difference in this world and the only way is for you to go through the depths of pain and find your way out with a clearer self love and power to change the world. Who knows?
Since I am not a writer, I certainly hope you got something from this, even if it was only a free download of a book written so long ago and speaks more to this time than the time it was written.

Good Luck!
Pam Borum - Oklahoma USA

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