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by Jessica

Im 22, Ive been dealing with depression since I was 17. My friends and family know that Ive had my "episodes" but dont really know the intensity of it. It comes and goes of course, and for the most part I put on a happy face for everyone, I go out with friends, go to the gym, do all the normal things im supposed to be doing, but when im alone everything changes, I had a break up with a boyfriend about 5 months ago and i believe that triggered my depression again, feeling basically worthless. I feel like I dont know where my life is going,like my friends all have goals that they're achieving and Im just wasting time.I know time heals everything, but it doesnt seem so. Ive brought up seeing a therapist to my mom, but she's what id call old school, she doesnt really understand. Anyway, I want to know how or what I should say to my mom to help me help myself...


Thanks for your question. A psychotherapist named Cyndi responds to your question in this way...

"Reach out to any trusted adult in your life (aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents of friends) and let them know how you are feeling. Someone is bound to step up to the plate and offer support but you will never know who that will be until you try. Don’t give up and don’t do anything negative to your parent’s attention because, in the long run, you will be hurting yourself the most and making it even harder to recover. The best way to get attention is by communicating directly and continuing to ask for what you need until your voice is heard."

Don't give up! Be respectful of your mom and yet gently persistent in seeking supporters elsewhere.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen :)

P.S. Ask a therapist a free question here...

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