Being a caregiver for a loved one with depression.

by Lisa

How does the caregiver stay strong when he/she feels like the person with depression is slipping through their fingers?


ANSWER: Thanks Lisa for your question. Beating yourself up or trying harder to convince them can be like banging your head against a wall. So, be careful with yourself. The important thing is to recognize that you cannot save them. They can only save themselves. They must have the desire to get better.

Perhaps you can think back to what the sufferer used to care about and use that as a trigger to getting them to care again? That could be a place to start slow.

I've also written an article for depression caregivers here that is a start...

Beyond this, speak with one of our online counselors to guide you as you seek to support your loved one.

Pace yourself and gather support for yourself. Thank you for caring for your loved one!


Merri Ellen

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