by Brian
(Bothell, Washington, USA)

1. positive people

2. able to act on my ideas and see them through to achieve my goals a) be a kind and loving father and husband b) start and run a successful business c) keep to an exercise regimen to improve my general health

3. I am psychologically and emotionally weak. I am easily distracted. I am emotionally unstable. I am prone to self-pity. I seek to rest the blame for my problems on others.

4. Difficult to answer concisely, but mainly the feeling that I have no control over my circumstances.

5. The rational realization that I have rarely lived up to my potential in any of the many things I have done in life. The feeling that I just don't have the strength anymore to achieve anything worthwhile in my lifetime.

6. My children, my wife, my extended family; their individual achievements and successes.

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