Bringing a depressed person out of denial

by Susan

I have a close family member that has been in a major depression for nearly a year. He spends nearly all day every day in bed, he has no job, he doesn't speak to any of his friends and avoids his family as much as possible. He is in his mid 30s and about to run out of money...making his situation even worse.

There is no doubt in the family that he is suffering from depression and his doctors have repeatedly put him on anti-depressants. Even with all of this he is in denial and refuses to acknowledge that he has depression (he believes he has some physical problem that none of the many doctors he's seen has been able to diagnose).

I have done extensive research on depression but I can't find anything useful about how to help someone take the first step of acknowledging the problem. What can I do here?

Any advice is welcome.



Thanks for your question Susan. I remember what helped me - when people did some acts of service for me. Rather than a lecture, my friends and family would simply be with me and help clean or do things around the house or pampered me with tea and a good comedy movie... Lectures didn't help- rather they made me want to give up. It will take a great deal of patience and gentleness on your part and that can be hard. You also have to protect yourself...

Here's a helpful article along with a printable document with some tips on how to help someone who is depressed...

Thanks for seeking answers for your family member!

There is hope!

Merri Ellen

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Nov 11, 2009
RE: Denial
by: Jerry


Your long time friend, that you claim is in denial. There are other possibilities than depression being the root of your friends problem. For example, a man having low testorone will have the exact same systoms as someone suffering from cronic depression. I too was mis-dianosed. Doctor's had been precribing me multible anti depressant. But it was all in vain. My depression was not actually depression after all, it turned out I was very low on testorone. This could be a factor, usually this occurs in men over 40. So not sure how old your friend is, but keep in mind, your friend may be correct. I would suggest you get this friend on a few supplements, and a proper diet. I found these last two to be most beneficial in my own life.

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