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4. What or who makes you angry?

Louie. My Ex-boyfriend we broke up last week and its so hard to move on i can't get over him. :(

5. What or who makes you sad?

Louie. My ex-boyfriend because until now he still loves his ex-girlfriend they communicate each other but they remains as friends but i was blind that they still communicate until I found at in his facebook account of my recent bf that his ex gf message him and I red it and I was so hurt that says I miss you and whatsoever that something sweet that irritate me so I confronted him why is that so?why I am so blind about that. In the next morning I decided to let go of him because of that girl I really hate his ex gf its really sucks! please help me what should I do?:(

6. What or who brings you joy?

My boyfriend and thats my Louie but we broke up. :(


I understand your confusion. It sounds like you you fear rejection and so you have chosen to reject the guy you love so that you will not be rejected.

But, I say this most gently, can you blame her for liking the guy if he is so wonderful? If you hold tightly to anyone, you will push them away. Love them freely and unselfishly. For a moment, as hard as it is, put yourself in his shoes and put yourself in her shoes. What if you were a girl still in love with a boy who is now dating another girl?

Hear me out when I say...

You are understandably angry at a girl for loving your guy and yet you have punished your guy for being lovable.

If this is true, that you have rejected your boyfriend so that you wouldn't be rejected, then you may need apologize to your boyfriend for your action and because you love him you felt threatened and you feared rejection. You may want to tell your boyfriend that you love him and because you love him, you will allow him to make a choice to pursue either your relationship purely or to pursue the other girl. This may scare you but honestly, unselfish love is the best love.

If your boyfriend loves you, he will choose you. If he only lusted for you, he may go to the next flavour of the month. And you deserve a man who will devotedly love you. :)

Before you do this, however...

Spend some time in prayer asking God for peace, strength and wisdom. (Yes, He is very real and loving. He has guided me through near suicide and back to joy and peace. And He may give you completely different advice than I have given you. He understands your situation better than me.)

"He heals the brokenhearted
and bandages their wounds."
- Psalm 147:3

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen :)

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