certainly feel better applying 6 tips

by N

Hi. Answers are below.

1. My mom, My boss, and my flat mates. All are positive people.

2. I want to be settled with a good wife and home and with my parents.

3. Yes it teaches me never to repeat so many mistakes i committed in the past. It gave me a glimpse of all bad things i did and all mistakes i made and i will never repeat them.

4. My past makes me angry cuz of whom i ended up being this sad.

5. Well, depression makes me sad.

6. My Mom brings me joy and hope, though i havent told her what i am going through.

I have started taking omega 3, exercise, sleep well, try to think positive, take sunlight while exercising in the morning, and i try being social.. all 6 tips u gave and certainly feel better. However i continue using anti depressants too. My depression is from past two months. I am over the sadness i think but still cant find happiness or excitement like i used to before.. but i m sure i will one day.. what u feel?

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