Dairy and Sodium Lactylate and My Depression

by Christine
(Salt Lake City, UT)

I discovered my "dairy sensitivity" about 10 years ago. My stomach would hurt and I would feel cranky. Now I can't eat anything w/ dairy or sodium lactylate including store bought breads, most salad dressings, deli meats (except Boarshead brand), some soups, frozen meals, soy cheese (because of lactylates), etc. If I ingest even the tiniest amount I feel like I can't catch my breath, my thinking is unclear, a queasy/acidy stomach, and very severe depression and constipation for several days to a week after. I feel very lucky that there is a little coffee shop near my new job that is vegan and also serves many gluten free foods. Sometimes you just need a cupcake or some other treat that you didn't make yourself!

I went to an allergist about 5 years ago to see if I could get an epipen or if it would even help. He did skin test for casein (milk sugar) and said I am not allergic, but "sensitive." He thought I should avoid dairy as my reaction is so severe. He thought the epipen might work for an hour or so, but that the symptoms would come right back.

The past year or two I also avoid wheat, but will sometimes eat spelt bread which I don't seem to react to.

I have had in the past (about 25 years ago) such bad hay fever that I had 2 shots a week for allergies to all grasses and trees except pine trees.

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