depressed wife

I have 1 person in my life that is positive that I see 3 days a week, my son. I don't know where I would be when I am depressed free! I"m not sure what I want to do with my life quite yet.Maybe this kinda of depression has taught me that if I would have gone to the college course that I wanted to take instead of what I did, but I still enjoyed the college years,I would not be with the person I married and things would have been a lot different. The money situation is good, no worries. But him screwing around with my bosses wife or my close cousin has made me upset, angry, hurt, and knocked my strong backbone to the floor. I should be soooo excited with my new grandson, that I love so much., but I was hurt when he was born and its hard to be the person I once was! I take care of him 3 days a week which does help me stop dwelling on the past, but you can never forget the hurt.
The one thing that I do not do is exercise enough and that needs to change. Even though my friends could never keep up to what I do around the house, plus taking care of the grandchild and helping friends. Because they all tell me this. I just have a lot of energy and like to be positive towards everyone.
Ok, thats it. Have a good day!

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