by someone invisible

i feel so lonely, i have a baby girl and wonderful husband but i still feel incomplete. i have a really sad past, and sometimes things happen to me these days that remind me of that past, for instance, i feel like people are always laughing at me. like no one wants me as their friend, like my life is not worth living, i am craving so badly for someone to hold me and love me, my husband is a busy man and even when he is around i feel like im so alone, when i try to tell him my feelings he ignores me like they dont matter, i dont know what to do, in the past i used to try to cut myself and eat pills, and now sometimes i feel like i wanna end it all, but i cant because i want to watch my child grow, i feel like my heart is breaking day by day, i sit down sometimes and just cry. i cry myself to sleep, crying is all i seem to do, i dont know how can i feel happy and loved, i need desperately to feel wanted like my life is not a waste, i want to feel like a person


Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry for the pain you feel and sorry that people/your family failed to show you of your value and worth. You are valuable! You are worth it!

Here are some stories of people who struggled with their self-worth but found their value... Many of them have similar stories to yours I believe, so be encouraged!

Enjoy our free e-course if you have not yet. I share some tips on activities to work through regarding your thoughts on yourself.

There is hope! Don't give up! My hope is that one day, the strength you find coming out of your pain will be used to help others much like I have striven to do. Believe me there is much joy at the other end of the tunnel and in helping others. You'll be there one day!

Press on, love that precious little one of yours.

Find some hopeful stories here...

Blessings to you on your journey,

Merri Ellen

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