depression can be handled YOURSELF

by chetan

i am one of those people who is suffering from depression since last 15 yrs & is under medication, i have been taking medication on regular basis. there have been days when i get attack of depression & makes me feel worthless, tired of living life. at times when i got suicide thoughts i thought of my daughter & changed my decision.....i now strongly believe that depression can be handle effectively with OURSELVES only.

the things i have tried and helped me are as below.

1.avoid negative thoughts & people (they drag us down)

2.try to see what life has given to you instead of what is has not given (around us if we see,there are many people who has not got what we have get) physician and know the nature & cause of problem
(is it genetic or came from circumstances)in my case it is genetic , due to lack of seratonin (a chemical produced by our body which keeps our mind happy), i am taking medicine which are known as SSRI (selected seratonin reuptake inhabiters)

4.try to do things which make you pleasant music,reading,walking,playing games which involves physical activity.

5.thank god to give good food to eat & to born as human
( just imagine if we were animal or insects !!!!)

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