Depression is a sane response to our world..?

by Lisa B
(San Jose, CA)

I have been diagnosed as chronically depressed for most of my adult life. I have tried many things to "cure" myself but nothing works for long, if at all. I just read a very interesting book called, "Against Happiness" by Eric Wilson and it made me think that being depressed or melancholy is a sane and human response to the world we live in today. I think people who claim to be happy most of the time must not have their eyes or ears open. These happy types must choose to close out a whole lot of reality. I sometimes wish I was one of them, but I'm not. I guess my question is do you really belive a person who has depression can be cured? What does that mean even?


Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your question. I'd have to say YES only because I was one. I have learned to watch for the red flags in my life when I default to the negative. I go into this in my e-course but I'm proof that it can happen. I have also learned that yes - one must cut out the negative from one's life - even if it is reality. You don't have to watch the news. No one person can possibly take in all that negative and deal with it properly. Just reach out to those who need help in your neighbourhood. I no longer watch tv - too many commercials that tell me i need something when i don't and then the news is always negative.

The key for me has been simplifying my life and focusing on positive influences and ideas. Then when something negative comes along, I have a full tank to properly deal with it. So, yes I close my eyes and ears to certain things and open them to others. It's like choosing a healthy diet. Just because I live down the street from a Dairy Queen doesn't mean I should always eat there. :) Choose your reality - I guess you could say. You do have a choice in what you surround yourself with.

I have learned to fill my tank with mostly positive so that I can strongly deal with any negative and instead encourage others rather than finding myself always having to BE encouraged by others. I much rather be on the giving end.

There is hope. Simplicity and choice has much to do with it. But, it must accompany proper diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.


Merri Ellen

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