"Depression Phone Therapy - Lasting Improvement Seen in 18-Month Study!"

depression phone therapy

Recently, there was a depression phone therapy study that included 393 depressed men and women. There were two groups – one were given antidepressants and the other were given antidepressants and 10-12 phone therapy sessions over a year.

"Who faired better?"

Those who got the phone therapy!

(The findings appear in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.)

Here are the details…

The study included depression patients enrolled in Group Health Cooperative, a Seattle-area health maintenance organization (HMO). They were about 44 years old, on average.

Patients in the phone therapy group got 10-12 sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy over the course of a year from specially trained counselors with master's degrees in psychology.

The patients and counselors never met in person – just over the phone.

"What were in the depression phone therapy sessions?"

The depression phone therapy sessions were designed to help patients defuse negative thoughts, cultivate pleasant and rewarding activities, and manage their depression symptoms.

"Where the benefits long lasting?"

"We were surprised at how well the positive effects were maintained over time," researcher Everette Ludman, PhD, says in a Group Health Cooperative news release.

(Ludman is a senior research associate with the Group Health Center for Health Studies.)

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