depression scares me

Hi, I am now waking up to this depression thing. from what I can remember I went to see my doctor because at that time of the month I find I got depress, however it's been a long thing for me because for so long being convince to try these antidepressant I eventually did not knowing what I was doing I took them off and on.However it's been over 3yrs since I took them I did stop cold turkey.2 weeks ago I had these weird sensations in my body I was told they were anxiety attacks I went back to a different doctor she said it is depression, but I am not depress, I don't feel sad or hopeless or helpless, so I would like to know how can I be depress without having the symptoms of depression.I would like to get to the root cause of this illness. I'm even shock to know it is an illness, I'm so clueless, I'm now trying to be proactive in getting my self the right help. I want this to be out of my life. I'm scare about this so many sad story, this illness is scary.My question is does it lead you to suicide if you don't take the antidepressant or the person suffering from this is just fed up and end up commiting suicide. I'm scared about this that is why I'm taking these pills.


If you don't feel depressed, it seems strange that your doctor says you're depressed. You may simply be suffering from fatigue due to low amino acids. I would meet with a dietitian or nutritionist to get a second opinion.

Here's a great article on amino acids and food for beating depression...

Dig deeper using our research and requesting your medical practitioners to dig deeper. Antidepressants aren't a miracle answer. In fact, on many occasions, they make things worse.

There is hope! Good for you for seeking answers. Enjoy our e-course.

Merri Ellen :)

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