Depression self quiz

by Daniel
(England )

1. The 3 people I see most often during the week would be, my girlfriend, my dad who's also my boss & Togs who is my work colleague. I think my dad can be pessimistic knocking down my dreams, and my girlfriend is very sensible and organized unlike me as I am more of a dreamer. My fiancee does worry and stress a lot about mundane things while I am worrying about what my first book will be about or how to save the world!

2. I see myself being happy, super confident and using my extra energy I have to be doing constructive things to improve my life and helping others. I am not sure what I want really, I want to be married and have children. I am not sure what career I want, but I do want to do something to help change peoples wether that be through politics, celebrity if I became a famous writer as I have dreamt of, or in some other form.

3. I think it's teaching me to feel bad about myself and it's holding me back from being the person I want to be through fear and negative thoughts.

4.It makes me mad that I am so concerned about things like my clothes getting dirty although I know it's part of the disease when there's far more important things in life and the world to worry about. Other things that make me mad are racism, injustice, impatience, selfishness, rudeness, and double standards. My parents, my brother and my girlfriend make me mad sometimes.

5. What or who makes you sad? Same as above really makes me sad and the same people.

6. What or who brings you joy? Writing, playing sport, going abroad, meeting my friends, setting and achieving goals. My fiancee brings me joy most the time

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