by TG

Ive been suffering depression for 2 years now and im 14..Ive suffered people saying i was pregnant people calling my a whore slut....its really hard, two days before my birthday i lost my grandfather he was my whole life..My parents divorced and it changed me in so many ways...all i do is cry now..

When Im really low, I'd spend days in bed, unable to face life at all.

Sleeping was a blessed relief: being unconscious was the only way to escape from

how awful I was feeling. I thought about suicide.

Until then, life often seems pointless. I feel awful, miserable and hopeless.

Worse still, I dont seem to be able to do anything about it and thought feeling bad

was my own fault because I dont try hard enough to be happy. I'd describe

what Im going through as a living death. I got no pleasure or enjoyment from

life. I feel numb inside and so lonely. I feel like i have nobody...I pray every night wishing for life to be great to be the best.. I know gods here for me Scared, im scared of everything.. Im fighting depression right now. Im So glad i have friends to help me through all of this though

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