Depression/anxiety for 15 years


I have severe depression/anxiety. I have tried almost all of the mixtures of meds (except lithium). I have recently had transcranial magnetic stimulation and 15 treatments of ECT. NOTHING works. I constantly moderately depressed or severe, and unable to function. I recently lost my job b/c I had to miss so much work. I have suicidal thoughts (on the medication),and have been on a benzodiazepam for 15 years as well, yet I still suffer anxiety. I isolate most of the time, and have no desire for anything. I deal with a lot of guilt and shame because I feel that it is my fault that I am this way. I am losing hope and the strength to fight it any longer. PLEASE help.

ANSWER: Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad to share our e-course info with you! Please take each research step at a time, be patient with yourself, feel free to connect with one of our online counselors too along the way- if you don't have a current counselor.

Visit our home page for more info on both the online counseling and on the e-course.

There is hope! You are worth it!


Merri Ellen :)

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