Do sun lamps produce Vitamin D?

I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains all winter. I have severe depression and the summer months helps alot. I know book lites help but do they produce vitamin D? I cant take anti depressants or vitamin D, I was wandering if a sun lamp would produce the vitamin D I need in the winter. My depression has gotten worst since the rain started. Please help.


light therapy does not produce vitamin D. however, I wouldn't give up on trying a light box during the rainy season. Not sure if a Target in your area carries them or you can purchase one online from us.

For me (I also live in the Northwest or actually Southwest of Canada), 5-htp and Omega 3 fish oils were a powerful weapon against depression. Type these terms into the search feature on our homepage and you'll get more info that I hope will encourage you!

The important thing is to not give up on your search. There is hope!


What about sun lamps that produce a tan? Do they produce vitamin D?


I'm afraid no light can produce vitamin D like the sun can. You may seriously need to consider moving to another part of the world if light therapy won't do it for your SAD, I'm afraid. Especially if you cannot take Vitamin D supplements.

The thought of moving may seem out of the question but if it's a question of sanity, I'd encourage you to consider it. This is something to talk over with your family, friends, counselor and doctor. (Making such a life changing decision when your mental health is suffering is not good to do on your own.)

Keep asking your doctor questions using the research in our handbook. Don't back down on asking the necessary questions to find your answer!

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Nov 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yes, sun lamps make your body produce vitamin D. Our body produces natural Vitamin D when exposed to the UVB rays of the sun or sun lamps. The UVB are emitted by the sun when it's warm (for example in warm countries in the hours around midday, in the summer) and not when it's cold (for example in northern countries even during the day). The sun lamps always have UVB (they have at least 0.5% of UVB, which is enough).

Oct 22, 2010
Do Some Research
by: Anonymous

Yes, a sun lamp that produces UVB (as many of them do) will increase Vitamin D levels and be effective for the treatment of SAD relating to Vitamin D deficiency. While it's not equally effective to regular, short-duration sun exposure it's one of the best options in the winter months or if you live in a state that gets little sun. Vitamin D3 supplements are also effective but if you're going to combine them with a sun lamp, be sure to get your Vitamin D levels checked periodically by a doctor. You want the 25-OH test and to shoot for a level of 50-70ng/dl. Levels above 90-100ng/dl may be toxic.

Apr 07, 2010
Use a Tanning bed for SAD & Vitamin D
by: Maureen C.

I suffered from SAD and Seborrheic Dermatitis. My 1st money hungry Dermatologist told me to "Stay out of the Sun". He treated me every 2 weeks with pills, creams, and UV light. I went broke at $125/visit.
A second opinion from a Dermatologist who's office was out of state told me to "just use a tanning bed for 20 min. 2-3x / week.
I've been sympton free for 4 years now and feel great. No SAD, Seborrheic Dermatitis, and have good levels of Vitamin D. My aunt was given a prescription to use tanning beds for colon cancer, and my father's heart doctor recommends tanning beds to increase Vitamin D & reduce high blood pressure and heart disease. The Sun is our life source, without it, no life could exist on Earth.


Sep 16, 2009
more research
by: Anonymous

Hello, I hope you did more research than the comments on this site. Yes, Vitamin D lamps might help you - they are the next best thing to natural light, better than supplements. We have this one -

There is lots of good info out there on this. My wife uses her lamp for depression and cancer treatment (doesn't cure or affect the actual cancer, but helps keep her body healthier and stronger!)

Aug 18, 2009
Another source of vitamin D
by: Rob

Fish from the Perch family are quite high in vitamin D. You can buy frozen Baramundi or Nile Perch from the Supermarket all year round
Hope this is helpful

May 01, 2009
Vitamin D Absorption
by: Sandi

I have had collogenous colitis, hopefully it is gone after treatment given by my 'Ass-Man', after my colonoscopy. I don't know how long I had had it and wasn't aware that it was inhibiting nutrient absorption, but just this month I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiancy. OK I'm almost 60, and they say that will happen, eventually, however, I am taking Vit D 2000 UI a night, until further notice. I asked myself, how can taking a supplement work IF I am having absorption problems.. I'm looking into getting the 'D' lamp.. but, I'm a bit confused about the whole concept. I do suffer from depression, it's no wonder, and don't take antidepresants. So, read between the lines and tell me what do I do? Seems like such a simple task of taking a vitamin has turned into a project. HELP!!

Feb 22, 2009
Sun lamps can produce vitamin D3
by: Eric

Here is a research paper from the U. of Boston

Nov 04, 2008
by: Anonymous

AFAIK (I'm no doctor or expert) Vitamin D is produced when the skin is exposed to UVB radiation 280nm - 320nm, no matter if it's produced artificially or by the sun.

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