"What can be the most damaging of all effects of teenage drug abuse?"

teenage drug abuse

Depression is one of the most common effects of teenage drug abuse and it can be the most damaging and last the longest. It can virtually lead to hundreds of other problems in life long past the teen years.

"So, why of all the effects of teenage drug abuse is depression the most dangerous and often most crippling?"

Quite simply, drug abuse and depression can be a never ending cycle feeding the other. Depression will lead to more drug abuse and more drug abuse will lead to more depression. This pattern can be like a speeding train leading to destruction. Can one get off this train? Yes, and we’ve been there and have done that. It’s a wonderful life beyond. Let us show you…

"Those dreadful, wonderful teen years..."

The teen years have been deemed one of the most difficult phases of one’s life. This has to do with changes that occur around us and inside our bodies. As a teen, if we do not have the maturity or the healthy family support to deal with so many changes, we may choose to numb our pain by medicating ourselves with the use of drugs or alcohol.

"Who hurts with the teen?"

The effects of teenage drug abuse aren’t only felt by the teen. The effects are also felt by family and friends surrounding the teen and even by neighbours not necessarily associated with the teen but close enough to see the hurt and pain. For example, over 15 years ago I remember a teen down the street who committed suicide the year he began experimenting with drugs. The changes in him made it obvious to us neighbours that drugs were being used. When his life got out of control and he committed suicide, we mourned with the family.

Still today, I think of that young man and still picture his smile and remember hearing his laugh as he walked past my house with friends in his earlier much happier years. What is important and interesting to note is that his suicide sparked a depression within me – one who had no relationship with the teen whatsoever! This is an example of how the effects of teenage drug abuse may be found not only in the teen, his family and his friends - but also in people near but not closely associated with him. Yikes! You see how powerful and damaging this can be.

"What's the ‘heart’ of the matter?"

The effects of teenage drug abuse like depression could be stopped at the source. How’s that? Every kid just wants to be loved and accepted. If every parent, teacher, friend would just ‘love one another’, drug abuse among teens would not be such an issue. Don’t scoff just yet at the simplicity of this. Stop and think for a moment. Think of someone who has really truly loved you unconditionally. When you think of that love, how do you begin to feel? Usually when I think of the good someone has done for me, I want to go out and do the same. If everyone loved generously, praised loudly and lived fully, what would your world look like?

"Is your doctor to blame for the effects of teenage drug abuse?"

I feel that the effects of teenage drug abuse can be blamed partially for our medical industry. Let me explain. When you go to the doctor with a pain, what does he do for it? You’ve heard the saying, “take two and call me in the morning”. Our doctor’s are perhaps unknowingly teaching us that our bodies need drugs to feel good. But, are our bodies deficient in Prozac and Paxil?

If a teen feels hurt due to change around him or changes occurring in his body, he may become so desperate to take the pain away that eventually the pursuit of drugs may draw him or strongly come to him because of peer pressure. Am I off base here? Or do you catch my concern regarding the effects of teenage drug abuse being indirectly caused by what our doctor’s are teaching us?

If your car isn’t running properly, does your mechanic just look at it to offer a solution or does he lift the hood? Aren’t our bodies more intricate than cars! Shouldn’t we do that with our bodies? Shouldn't we determine if what we are putting into our bodies is what we need to live a healthy, happy life?

"Hopeful Research Findings..."

Of all the effects of teenage drug abuse, depression is the most common and the most damaging - but it is the easiest to remedy. Read our complimentary report on how this is so. We’ve ‘been there done that’ both in experience and doing the thousands of hours of research. We’ve put it together in an easy to read format for you too.

Research indicates that in order for you to cure DEPRESSION, there are 6 essential and natural ingredients that MUST be present in your life. These ingredients are so powerful they cure more than depression. Our mission is to impact your families for a joyful society.

Save the life of a teen and read this report. Save your own life by either saying ‘goodbye’ to your own depression or preventing it to destroy your life down the road.

This information alone is worth hundreds of dollars, but it’s our complimentary gift to you. Not sure how long we’ll be allowed to do this. I’m sure many medical companies will be upset with us for providing you with this info. But, as you can see, we are on a mission to help you and your loved ones find joy and peace and escape the bonds of depression like we did. That is our desire; to spread the research so that you can benefit like we have. Spread the word and help us accomplish our mission.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen

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