End oF Severe Depression

by kashif
(sialkot,punjab Pakistan)

. . . . . . .first i am going to narrate my story in order to help people releive from depression permanently.

. . . . . . . I faught against depression for 6 years due to unawareness and then finding a correct combination of medicines.Like in most cases depression make people hopleless,helpless,desperate,alone,feel like in dark,sucidal,low m0od and little anxiety like u have n0thing to say(blank mind).
Depression can only be treated if u determine its cause and in my case the cause was Anxiety.So my doctor gave me anti anxiotic med al0ng with antidepressant.I got amazing results because i was beating down my anxiety which cured depression.Now whenever i feel anxiety i do nt listen to anything because it can worsen anxiety and i do exercise which clears every anxiety symptom.So i got full control over anxiety.Exercise also helped to taper off my meds as early as possible.
So my message to all my brothers and sisters is in order to defeat depression u have to become more worse than depression.i m giving u some steps that cure ur depression 4 the rest of ur life.
1.Go and find some licensed and experienced psychiatrist.
2.Write down all possible symptoms that u feel before and during depression.
3.let the doctor know every thing behind ur depression.
4.Your sleep should be complete and normal.
5.Do visit to ur gp after every relapse.
6.Do not wander on web to find about ur disease if u do so then u will be a man who was hospital.

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