Fighting depression

by Depression Fighter

I am in India. I had my first attack of depression when I was 15. But, I did not think of it as depression. I thought it was pressure to perform well in academics. Then when I was 17, I had my second attack of depression and was diagnosed this time. But, I was not on any medication and somehow managed with family counselling. Third attack came four years later, during my graduation. This time I was on medication for a year. It was called Libotrip (Dont know its chemical name). All was well, I graduated, went to work, got married to a guy who knew about my problem.

My sister-in-law moved in with us and made my life stressful. I conceived, only to have a missed abortion and D&C. Back to depression. This time I was put on fluoxetine. I took it for one year, had irregular menstrual period. So, I stopped it. Depression was back. This time I was put on Paroxetine. I think, I had pressure to conceive soon from my husband's family (Indian Culture!), causing the depression. I stopped Paroxetine (Paxil) again to try to conceive. This time, we went through rigorous tests and found I was not ovulating, my husband's sperm count was low. I was back to depression, along with panic attack. I was put back on paroxetine. I was on it for one year, and trying to weane off it.

I have not decided right now, whether or not to give up Paxil. The anti-depressants, though were life savers, have lots of side effects: Loss of emotions, hyperactivity, lack of interest in sex, Menstrual cycle disturbances during weaning etc..

I am trying to find an alternate therapy and found your site. I am hoping I would be cured once and for all using your ecourse. Thank you very much to provide it to us free of cost. I shall let you know how it works!

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