by valerie

Some of the ways in which I have handled depression:

1.Prayer and meditation particularly from the bible about scriptures that show love and God and His thoughts towards me. I have found a lot of help from the book of Psalms.

2.Playing with my children to help me to focus on them rather than my depressive circumstances. I at one point stop all other activities and take time to have some fun with them.

3.Going out to meet with friends over a meal. This has proved to work for me because I am able to share with some close and intimate friends. Where I am not able to go out I use text messages and e-mails and write to some cousins whom we share a lot and just express myself.

4. Being a trained counselor, I also use peer supervision as in I meet with my fellow counselors on a one on one basis and they help me to work through my issues.

5. change of scenery. I purpose to leave the house each day and take a walk whether in the evening or early morning as I find this to be very refreshing.

6. Once a month I have a fellowship for ladies where we meet and pray together and attending this regularly has also helped me during my depressive moments.

7. Going out and retreating or having a picnic or just sitting in a park and enjoying the cool breeze and nature around me kind of also give me strength to go on.


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Aug 19, 2013
Great advice, Tx
by: Anonymous

Tx for an encouraging article, I also find the word of God encouraging to me. But because of past indiscretions I sometimes allow guilt to get to me, which is never a good thing. Nevertheless, good going and may God continue to bless and strengthen you, I have some new insight.

Mar 05, 2012
Go Ahead
by: Anonymous

Your progress is good. Go ahead and have a blasting recovery

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