health and depression

by Susan
(Lawn tx.)

I am a recovering acoholic FOR 20 MNTHS .Stopped drinking due to health problems.Was very actived worked had a life . Now i am unable to work and just stay at home and feel so useless and dependent. The only thing that keeps me going is my daughter.I stay in pain everyday and alot of times just wish i could end it all .Have stayed in denial for along time .What to do so empty?


Thanks for sharing. I understand completely. I felt useless at home with no work too- even when I was on mat leave waiting for my baby to come. I even had something good to look forward too but I couldn't stand it. I hadn't been expecting to get pregnant even though my hubby and I were happily married for seven years. I was on a career path and unknowingly put my self-worth in my job.

Susan, your purpose has been completely taken away. You may have, in the past, put your purpose in your work. Here's a book (free sample on this page) that helped me get over that.

Here's also something to start with: What are the things that people have always said you are good at? Start there and use those to volunteer (at any level you can) to help others. That is huge. Using our gifts to invest in others - not ourselves- gets our mind off our own troubles.

Discovering your gifts and purpose and refining this will do wonders. Take this time to invest in yourself and draw out gifts and talents that you may have to put on the shelf too. When I was pregnant, all of a sudden, I started painting!! :) You never know.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen :)

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