Hello... broken relationships

My roommate, a very depressive person who is isolated very much. The other people are coworkers and my boss. That is it. They are not real to me. They don't provide me with much joy or hope except to make sure I do my job.

I want to see myself enjoying whatever it is I decide to do. I'm not sure what I want to be doing with my life.

It's teaching me that you have to hang in there no matter what.

I get angry at myself. I get angry cause I'm all alone and don't have anyone where I currently live close to me. I'm angry cause of relationships I've had don't exist anymore.

What makes me sad is being alone.

Busy work brings me joy cause it takes my mind off of everything that bothers me. I don't have time to think.


Thanks for sharing. I hear a hurting soul that is running from deep pain from broken relationships. Please know that burying yourself in busyness will not put it behind you. One day it may blow up in your face.

Embracing your pain to rise above it and learn from it is more powerful.

I hope you can find a qualified counselor to speak with to help you walk through this pain. Feel free to use an online counselor on this website if needed.

There is hope! You are worth it!


Merri Ellen

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