holding tightly to God has really helped so far.

by racheal

i became depressed after i had my last child and few weeks i discovered i have a breast abscess,i never new anything like that can happen to a person by being afraid, worrying, and thinking too much.i want to return all glory to my God,my maker for saving me.this made me to know that he has a great plan and purpose for my life.though it was not easy but i joined choir in my church and became strongly committed like never before.God has brought me out by his victorious right hand.like as i read in your article i was given drugs in the hospital but it didn't work.reading the bible,singing,positive thoughts,forgiving and loving people really helped me.words are not enough to thank God for bringing out after a year plus.my baby is almost 2 years now.is not that i was not a christian before this happened,i was ,this made me got closer to God and made him center of my being.i don't know what to say but lets start from here.God alone be praise.i owe all to my maker.

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