Hollow Claustrophobia

by Chrissy

It is like I am empty on the inside but held in on the outside. Depression holds me back. It keeps me from being outgoing like I know I could be. It makes me feel like nothing. The pull of depression is so strong sometimes that I cannot move. I just want to rip it off of me but I am afraid there will be nothing there if I do.


Thanks Chrissy for sharing. Fear wants to cripple us and defeat us. And so we must be strong with baby steps, breaking free little by little. I'm glad you found our site with valuable info and encouragement. Your depression wants you to think there is nothing valuable about you and it couldn't be more wrong! Take advantage of our online counselors and research and let them/it walk the journey with you to hope and joy. :)

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen :)

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