Hope this helps someone

Hello everyone

I am not much of a blogger, but I had to post to a couple of forums, my story, hoping that
it would help someone else. I have suffered from depression for over 20 years, the chemical
imbalance story. I have been on different meds, from Prozac to Citalopram. I know this is only a little information, but I hope it tells you that I have been there and done that. I have also tried alternative therapies like New Decision Therapy, Core Belief Engineering, Cranial Electronic Stimulation and Light Therapy.

Okay, lets get to the good stuff, what has happened over the last two months. My wife had a heart attack, 5 months ago, which now I realize pushed me into a deep depression. Everyday was about the same. Go to bed at 11 pm, get out of bed at 11 am(even though I did not want to), take medications, try to think of the best way to exit this life, and have everyone that cares about me think that is was an accident. I just did what I had to do. I did not take care of myself, didn’t brush my teeth, didn’t take a shower for a week, etc. I needed help. My wife has always been very supportive, (thank you and love you baby), and my friends and family also (a big thanks to my friend Lydia) but I had to do it for myself. I reached out to Canadian Mental Health.

What has happened since -- I will put this in point form, no need for long winded details
1. Doctor -- had to see him for referral to mental health assistance
2. Social worker -- assessment and referral to programs that are available
3. My own phone calls to support programs in my area
4. Search on the internet for self help

The social worker hooked me up with a therapist (one on one) therapy, which I have never had before, plus made appointments to see psychiatrist and also set it up for me to join a group therapy on Mindfulness, living in the here and now. I have had to this date 2 sessions. Found out that the reason for my depression, and I stress my depression, is emotional detachment, and core beliefs. I found a group through Mental Health in my area for anger management and depression, and took part and I am currently taking part (once a week) in this group. This group is helping a lot, and I realized that suppressed anger, can also lead to depression. I found a book called “6 steps to cure depression without medication”. Purchased book ( I am not telling anyone to purchase this book and I am not trying to sell this book) I am putting it in here, as it has helped me immensely. I also purchased a core belief workbook that I found online (called Greene’s Release) and I am currently waiting for it to arrive.
As of today, May 2nd, 2013, I do not take anti-depressant medication (note, this does not mean that anyone should stop taking their meds). I am following the program from the book 6 steps. I have attended group therapy, and have used this group to share and receive helpful information from people who also have been there and done that. I have attended one on one therapy, and I have made great strides with this therapist (thank you Gary). I am still taking meds for Attention Deficit Disorder, and I will probably have to take these for the rest of my life.
Typical day now -- go to bed at 11pm, get up between 6 and 7 am, look at what my day has in store for me. I am now motivated to get things done, look forward and actually feel excited to greet the day and proceed with getting things done, and I am enjoying life totally (not faking it to make it), and I am quite happy with myself.

I hope that this helps (Everyday is a gift, and you deserve this gift, for being you)

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