How to make people who you love understand?

Having Depression,coming to truths with how long you just kept it in and try your best everyday. How to be able to free yourself and come out with how bad you feel and have the support you need. I feel so misunderstood or my family looks at me like i am weak. So sad! Truth is that is why I just kept it in.

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Jul 05, 2015
Drug free
by: Dave R

Hi this is Dave, it is true people don't know how to recieve the problems people can find themselves in. This is the reason I felt the word stigma. Clonopin is a b/with an itch to get off of. U will figure out U will have to get tough and put up with the withdrawals . I'm off it and will never take it again..I still get neuropathic burning pain in back and extremities. The worst thing is people understanding, they never will untill it happens to them.U have to learn not to let that bother U,its not their fault they just can't understand. Cause and effect is all they understand. Doctors R no different, they don't understand, they are tought to treat the symptoms even if they don't understand why.I have lost my dependability on doctors.Get tough on the Clonopin, hopefully U find your strength to get drug free to see if its not the drug that has taken over.Clonopin made me worse and I didn't know till I was off it. Good luck and respond to keep me abreast.

Jun 09, 2012
Don't give up!
by: Merri Ellen :)

Take in the e-course and carefully apply all the research with the approval of your doctor.

There is hope!

Merri Ellen :)

Jun 06, 2012
The Stigma. I call it.
by: Anonymous

I have been fighting anxiety for about a year now. I never knew how people don't understand or really want to. It is a world of ones self if that is proper wording. I just try to keep my anguish apart of my life and hope for a redeeming end to this cycle someday. I take klonopin 1 mg daily. My doctor has also givin me Remron now up to 45this mgs per night. Im to try to get myself off the klonopin and it is hard. I have cut it down in half and suffer with burning like sensations in my legs and nladder area like i have an infection. But i go back to one half twice a day and it gone. The burning sensation can get so overwhelming and i give in to the klonopin.....what a pain......I just want my life back. People just want to know whats sucks and it can get lonely with this crap..........what is the answer is what i want to know. My father also suffered like this without me knowing till his near end. I pray at 57 I don't struggle with this till im 79to and then die in a nurseing home........The Stigma...... Dave R....

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