by carol
(la, ca)

SO i happened to stumble on this website last night which led into the early morning hours, and thought wow... this site is actually something so different, and as I continue to go thru all the links of the site, the stories, the blogs, the videos... I FIND THAT OMG IS WHAT IM HEARING RIGHT? that my anxiety and insomnia for the past six years could've been cured if I had taken more minerals and vitamins? AND then i see the videos of people who have had major depression, bipolar disease, and even one case of "indifferentiated schizophrenia" and bipolar disease all be cured from a natural supplement. WHY was i PRESCRIBED all these antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication and sleeping pills...and why have I been taking antidepressants now for the past year for my newly added depression????? why was i never told about the goodness and necessities of the brain for such minerals and vitamins for people who like myself have some sort of deficiency of a vitamin or amino acid or nutrient or mineral or something? I went to doctor after doctor after doctor, they got me hooked up on these so called antidepressants that were costing me an arm and a leg each month... and all for what... they'd alleviate they symptoms for a period and then they'd stop working and then i would have to keep on taking them to not go thru the withdrawal symptoms... I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!!! I AM SO FREAKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW!!! PISSED OFF AT OUR GOVERNMENT, PISSED OFF AT THESE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, AT UNETHICAL DOCTORS THAT KNOW THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH EXPERIENCE WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES TO BE PRESCRIBING THEM, AND IM PISSED OFF AT THESE BIG MEDICAL ORGANIZATIONS THAT TURN THEIR BACKS ON THE RESEARCH OF THIS SUPPLEMENT AND OR THE VALUABLE INFORMATION THAT ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE WELLBEING OF THE BRAIN ASSOCIATED WITH NUTRIENTS AND MINERALS AND VITAMINS, YET THEY DON'T INFORM THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD AND IN THIS COUNTRY(USA) THAT SUFFER FROM MENTAL HEALTH ILLNESSES!!!!


Thanks for sharing Carol, my friend. Now, let's turn our anger and frustration into good action. :) Anger only paralyzes us. Help me spread the good news and share hope! One by one we can make an impact!

There is hope! Now let's celebrate the good news!


Merri Ellen

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