I don't know what to do, please help

by Kory

Well I had written here before, my boyfriend was getting slowly better, he started going to a psychologist, he was going to enter some martial arts classes and well things were just moving slowly forward, but then, one afternoon out of nowhere he said he was getting tired, tired o feeling like that, tired of searching for a god that wouldn't answer him, he said he wanted a sign that God existed, and I tried to tell him the signs that have been in my life, but he got mad, and then from there on he is just in the worst shape I've seen him, he talks about giving up, about dying, that when he dies he will just disappear and that way he will no longer feel bad and he will no longer care for anything, he is just this way, he is sick, he can't breath and his head is always hurting, but he won't let me send him a doctor (I live in another city) and I just don't know what to do anymore, I don't know how to show him god does exists. Every time I say something about it he gets mad and starts to talk about dying, that he does not wan to live anymore because he finds it pointless, that if there's nothing more after life, then why live it at all.

Please help me, I don't know what I can do and it's tearing me apart.


Thank you for sharing again. I want to encourage you... Is there a local pastor you can connect with? Or a Christian Teen Crisis Centre? I encourage you to look out for hands-on help nearby too - using your phone book.

In the meantime, my prayer for your boyfriend...

"Lord, there are many who are giving up right now with some even thinking of ending their lives. Please help me to be a light, to be a hand outstretched, and to be an intercessor for those who can no longer hear their spirits crying, “Choose life! Choose life!” Help me speak life to the souls of those who do not yet know that Jesus is calling them to choose life!

Give me opportunities to share your love with them. Help me share your plans of hope and a prosperous future with these souls—believers and not-yet-believers alike. Help me to speak words that will penetrate their discouragement so that they will want to hear more words of life. Holy Spirit, encourage them to know that you can lead them out of the barren and howling wasteland they are in even now. Those who have lost their hope, their courage, and their faith—as well as those who have no awareness of faith yet—please shield them, care for them, and guard them. Those whose heads are bowed with pain, steady them until they turn to you. I bind their confused minds to the mind of Christ so that they can hear His thoughts instead of the dark thoughts of their own heart/souls.

I bind their battered and negative emotions to your comfort and balance, Holy Spirit. I bind every heart/soul that is filled with hopelessness—believers and yet-to-be believers alike—to an awareness of your blood, Jesus, that you shed for them that they could be free to live the abundant life you have planned for them.

Help me to help them want to live. Bind up these brokenhearted souls and teach them your ways, O LORD; give them focused and undivided hearts that will strain to get to you instead of always trying to shrink back into the darkness. I loose, smash, crush, and destroy every effect and influence of all wrong agreements ever made about each one of them, over them, as well as the wrong agreements they made themselves. Shower them with your love as you strengthen them to CHOOSE LIFE!

You know right where they are, and you know the ones who are the most desperate and wanting to give up. I loose the deception and denial that their heart/souls keep trying to shroud their minds with. I agree with you as you speak these words to them: CHOOSE LIFE AND LIVE! Help them come out of the valley of despair they are in so they can choose to walk on the high places with you. Thank you for doing this for them. Amen" (Adapted from a prayer written by Liberty Savard.)

Way to keep on. Reach out for some hands-on help. Don't give up!

Merri Ellen :)

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Apr 18, 2012
All The Best
by: Nilesh

I myself was talking about the dying when I was in pain attack. But then after MEDICATION,VIPASSANA(A Techinue to Meditate) and FREE COURSE GIVEN BY MERRI ELLEN worked for me. Belive me this techniques works. Look out there for good doctor,Vipassana Meditation Center and try to implement the free course of Merri Ellen.
My Wishes are with you All The Very Best.May God take all Unhappiness from your life and give you All happiness in your life you both wanted.

Mar 15, 2012
To Kory
by: Anonymous

Another thing tell your boyfriend that people care and don't feel alone with this. We care and i hope my words will help to let him know I care also. Depression can really suck and feel all alone with it.

Mar 15, 2012
To Kory about boyfriend
by: Anonymous

I suffer myself from depression. To me he is going through a chemical deficit or balance in the brain. The balance can be dealt with drugs prescribed by a doctor to help.I get a numb like feeling in my head and sore and weak tingling in my legs. I take klonipln and that helps. At the same time i fear becoming addicted to the use. The overall effect though helps. I'm 57 year old and still hate having to need drugs to feel better. He should see a doctor first before seeing a pastor cause if its chemical he will feel even worse not getting relief from words of hope alone.

My prayers for your boyfriend .

David Romberg

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