I dont know whats wrong with me.

I dont know.
On a typical school day I go to school sad, I try sit by myself in my studies but my friends are always there. Sometimes I get really frustrated by them, I want to plug in my iPod and turn my music up loud and not have to deal with them. It gets a bit better throughout the day, I go from feeling sad to feeling nothing. My friends keep asking me whats wrong every 5 minutes I get so annoyed.
But I feel like the weekend is the worst. I don't like going out with friends anymore, I'm constantly making up excuses why I cant go out. I don't even care what I look like anymore I'm so ugly it doesn't make a difference. I'm such a pathetic person I cant do anything right. Sometimes I feel so emotional that I don't know how to deal with it and no exercise helps, I find myself sitting on my bedroom floor with a pin stuck into my thigh, trying to draw some blood.
But then I have days where I laugh, and days where I will want to talk to people, not go out anywhere but at school i will want to talk to people and socialise. I have a couple good days where I feel almost happy again and I doubt that I ever had any issues in the first place. I don't know whats wrong with me I'm just going to wait for it to pass.


Thanks for sharing. I encourage you to make sure you are first getting the proper nutrition, water intake and sleep you need. The second thing is loneliness and a sense of belonging. For that, I encourage you to plug in. Look for ways to volunteer in your community, be a friend to someone who feels the same way. Volunteering with children can also be a wonderful joy!! :) You may find, in volunteering, some gifts and skills you never knew you had!

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Jul 30, 2013
by: Leona

Are you a Teen?

Even if you are preteen, your body is going through changes in growth. Hormones can cause moods. Knowing this does not fix things, but it may help you to understand you are very normal. You sound very in tune to what you are feeling, just not the reasons why. The important thing is not to hurt yourself with pins in your knees?
It is a difficult time in your life, and many of us have a hard time adjusting and feeling like we fit in. The suggestion of volunteering is a good one, especially with children because they will look up to you. I do this myself ....get involved and help someone else with their problems and it can take your mind off yours for a while or maybe give you some perspective. The most important thing is to realize how normal you are and that mood fluctuations are normal too. Teenager or senior, there will always be changes in your body and mind throughout your life. The important thing is to try to stay calm, think, exercise or sleep but do no harm to yourself. You are too important to yourself and all the people who love you. This is temporary. Don't do something permanent in the way of harm to yourself. Be patient and kind to yourself until you feel better. So many good things are waiting for you to experience them. Don't tell yourself negative things like I'm useless. Use that inner voice to tell yourself all the good things about yourself. Write them down and repeat them to yourself when you get down on yourself. You have control of the way you think. Use that control to help yourself feel good about you. This is an important skill to develop now. You need this good feed back from yourself because we get too many negative messages from media and others. Remember that. Be your own best friend. Be safe, you have important things waiting for you. Things you won't want to miss :)...

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